Spring To Loire: Loire Valley Wines Annual Tasting in the USA

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Loire Valley Wines Council will host the 4th edition of Spring to Loire, a walk-around tastings of over 350 wines and seminars guided by experts of the region.

As part of the 2017 agenda, Spring To Loire will stop by New York, Illinois and California, hosting walk-around tastings as well as a number of seminars that will unveil some of Loire Valley’s appellations. From reds to whites, roses to sparklings, the diversity and flavors of Loire Valley Wines will be explored and decoded. The event will gather the region’s leaders, including producers, importers, distributors, as well as sommeliers that make Loire Valley Wines live and flourish in the United States.

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Loire Valley Wines draws from a deep bench of terroirs, varietals, and producers to deliver the region’s most important series of tasting events in the United States. Spring To Loire is one of the biggest events of 2017 for the region, raising awareness and knowledge of those wines and making itself known as a major tasting for the wine industry.

Among 2016 press articles, “Loire Valley wines spring to the fore at Sepia” by Barbara Payne, Editor at Chicago Restaurant Examiner

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#SpringtoLoire was the name of a recent presentation by two reps from French Loire Valley wineries. Isabel Moreau from Monmousseau and Juliette Monmousseau from Bouvet Ladubay explained the intricacies of the flavors in a broad selection of delightful white wines from this region that flows along the valley of the Loire River in France. Characterized by fruity complex aromas and crisp, palate-pleasing tastes, the wines were professionally paired by sommelier Arthur Hon and served in the beautiful surroundings of the elegant private dining space of Sepia Restaurant, 131 N. Jefferson. Attendees learned about several dry and sparkling selections and enjoyed them with small plates of delectable creations by Sepia Chef Andrew Zimmerman and his team.

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Published on December 13, 2016