What Wine Industry Dads Really Want for Father’s Day

Jean-Claude Mas with his wife and 3 daughters.
Jean-Claude Mas with his family

Whether it’s running a wine bar, making wine or selling it, these four dads are not just united by an industry, but also by their desire to connect with family on Father’s Day. From Chicago to New York and France to South Africa, here’s how they’re planning to spend the day and, if they have their wish, what they’d like in their glass. 

Jean-Claude Mas, Founder and Executive Manager, Les Domaines Paul Mas, Montagnac, France

The Plan: Though attending Vinexpo, he will be pouring the Astélia AAA, a wine that is an ode to his daughters. He plans to video chat with them during the day and celebrate in the evening with other fathers.

Wish List: “A great bottle of Champagne, bien sûr!”

Enoch Shully Bin 36
Enoch Shully

Enoch Shully, Owner/Beverage Director, Bin 36, Chicago

The Plan: Celebrating with his wife Jenny and daughter Tulah, who has the Bin 36 house wine named after her.

Wish List: “I would like to open a bottle of Montelobos Mezcal Joven, one of my favorite mezcals from Oaxaca, Mexico. Really though, I hope they just let me sleep in!” He’d also take a bottle of Champagne Collet Esprit Couture, “the best Champagne out there.”

Albie Koch De Toren
Albie Koch

Albie Koch, Managing Director, De Toren, Stellenbosch, South Africa

The Plan: “I will be on our family farm celebrating with my father…and two boys. Drink some Chenin Blanc, some South African Cabernet Sauvignons and Bordeaux blends, while having a real South African braai.”

Wish List: A nice bottle of Scotch whisky, Talisker or Ardbeg 21, “I love whisky and so does my dad…that bottle you sip on and with every sip it is a memory of my love for dad.”

Chase Granoff
Chase Granoff

Chase Granoff, Sales Consultant, Indie Wineries, New York City

The Plan: Welcoming warm weather by firing up the grill. “I plan to spend the day outside grilling a big piece of meat, most likely a leg of lamb. To drink, both while I’m cooking and when I eat, I’m planning to open a magnum of Vino di Anna Palmento 2015. It’s a perfect wine to drink chilled: light, fresh, some wild red fruits, bright acidity, and as it opens up it has just enough structure to go with the lamb.”

Wish List: A subscription to The Feiring Line Wine Society. “I’m a big fan of Alice Feiring’s writing. I have learned and discovered so much from her writing and would happily drink anything she personally recommends.”

Nick Gorevic
Nick Gorevic

Nick Gorevic, Wine List Consultant, June and Sales Representative, Jenny & François Selections, New York City

The Plan: Trading in wine for beer and drinking a Freigeist Kölsch, which he says is “unfiltered, bottle-conditioned deliciousness.”

Wish List: “A bottle of Overnoy Ploussard would be the dream ’cause I can’t [find] one of those anywhere. It’s like 100% unattainable.”

Published on June 15, 2017
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