Outer Space Grapes?

A picture if a universe filled with stars.
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NASA has been growing vegetables on the International Space Station but not wine grapes…yet?

“Wine grapes would be an interesting challenge,” Gioia Massa, the principal investigator of NASA’s Vegetable Production System, recently told Gizmodo.

Of course, space does provide some thought-provoking variables that earth-bound winemaking does not. How do you turn the grapes to wine in outer space?

“Fermentation is an anaerobic process so the fact that fluids and gasses don’t mix well in space might not be a problem for that process. You might have to inoculate with the right types of microorganisms but I think it would definitely be possible,” says Massa.

While you wait for outer-space wine to become a reality, explore other (more feasible) travel destinations and see how they produce wine.

Published on June 28, 2017
Topics: Outer Space