Quench Your Thirst for Positive Change

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Photo by Meg Baggott / Paper illustration by Monica Simon

Thirsting for positive change? When it comes to giving back, the outpouring of goodwill from these do-gooders will have you clinking your glass to kindness.

Cellar Angels

Online wine sellers Martin and Denise Cody don鈥檛 just want to help you pick the best from Sonoma and Napa producers, they also want to help you give back with Cellar Angels. The Codys donate 10 percent of the gross proceeds to a range of partner charities including support for military troops and their families, homeless populations, health and education.

Equality Wines

Not all wines are created equal, but Matt Grove and Jim Obergefell of Equality Wines believe that the same doesn鈥檛 apply to people. The duo partners with like-minded producers to make four wines annually that give back, like their 19th Amendment Sauvignon Blanc, from which $2 of every bottle sale is donated to the League of Women Voters.

Drink to the Future with These Eco-Minded Producers

Nasty Woman Wines

Meg Murray鈥檚 Nasty Woman Wines was born on Election Day 2016. Her Pave the Way Chardonnay and Pantsuit Pinot Noir may have been inspired by candidate Hillary Clinton, but her nonpartisan mission is to bolster women by donating 20 percent of profits to such causes as the Women in Public Service Project.

Proud Pour Wine

Wine for bees and oysters? We鈥檒l drink to that! For every bottle sold of Proud Pour Sauvignon Blanc, founder Berlin Crystal Kelly pays for 100 oysters to be restored to the sea via 10 national organizations, including the Billion Oyster Project. Sales from the company鈥檚 Pinot Noir support replanting of wildflowers for bee habitats鈥攏ot a bad buzz.

聽The Oregon Public House

In Portland, Oregon, the Public House features 12 rotating beer taps and a globally inspired pub menu. This volunteer-run, not-for-profit establishment donates all profits after operating costs to 12 causes like fighting childhood hunger and illiteracy, and its local Woodlawn neighborhood.

Shmaltz Brewing

Shmaltz Brewing is based in Clifton Park, New York, this brewery created SHE鈥橞rew, a limited-edition IPA commemorating the 100th anniversary of women鈥檚 suffrage in New York State. Owner Jeremy Cowan says the brewery will donate $2 from every case and keg sold, split between Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson and the Pink Boots Society scholarship fund.

Published on July 24, 2017
Topics: Wine and Ratings