The Cork Versus Screw Cap Debate May Finally Be Over

An array of wine corks on a wooden surface.

Scientists at Oxford University are conducting a ground-breaking experiment to answer the controversial question: Is cork or screw cap better for wine? Researchers at the university will use brain-scanning technology that will monitor participant’s brain pleasure receptors as they sip wine as well as measure the sound, aromas and sensations that are associated with opening a wine bottle.

“Our brains have a powerful hold over our taste buds, and it will be interesting to see the differing effects the multi-sensory aspects of wine drinking have on our perception of taste,” says Professor Charles Spence.

The Sun reports the experiment is running in London’s Soho from July 28–July 29. Spence hopes this trial will offer “a definitive answer to this fascinating question.”

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Published on July 27, 2017
Topics: Wine News + Trends