Smell Like Rosé Without Spilling a Drop of Wine

Photo by Kailey Sniffin / Unsplash

“Notes of pink currant, osmanthus, herbes de Provence and white woods.” Are these tasting notes for one of summer’s best rosés? Surprisingly no, but wine lovers who want the scent of the season’s top thirst quencher might be interested in a dab of rosé fragrance to tide them over until their next glass.

The Detroit Free Press reported the story of entrepreneur, wine lover and perfume aficionado Kelly Jones, who combined her passions to create a wine-inspired fragrance line, Kelly + Jones. And though we don’t recommend wearing perfume in a tasting room, Jones firmly believes her fragrances enhance the aromatic allure of wine.

“It creates a multi-sensorial experience… and enhances all the nuances of the aromas in the glass,” the perfumer says.

And what if you’re not into rosé? Don’t fret. Jones also offers Pinot Grigio, Riesling and Chardonnay for white wine lovers. Meanwhile, red wine fans can enjoy Merlot and Cabernet varieties.

Fancy yourself a “scent sommelier”? Create your own blend by mixing up citrus, earth, floral, fruit and oak perfume oils. And as if there wasn’t enough to be excited about, all these fragrances are unisex.

Now you can add scent sommelier to the list of milk, tea, and cannabis sommeliers. For more on the intersection of wine and beauty, check out Wine Enthusiast’s Guide to Fashion and Wine.

Published on August 1, 2017
Topics: Wine News + Trends