ProWein – Wine’s Global Stage


Every March, for three days, ProWein, International Trade Fair for Wines and Spirits, in Düsseldorf, Germany becomes the epicenter of the wine world where 58,000 trade visitors and 6,700+ exhibitors from around the globe meet. More and more North Americans discover the value of this event:

David Maib, National Sales Manager, Tamber Bey Vineyards

“My visit to ProWein 2017 exceeded expectations. I was introduced to several new potential partners not only in Europe, but also across North America. I see relationships made during ProWein 2017 leading to an exponential increase in our business. I came away from ProWein 2017 with an enhanced perspective on what it means to see our industry from a global perspective, a perspective that will enhance our ability to grow profitability in the future.”

Gregory Dal Piaz, Editor-in-Chief,

“When I sit down each year to plan my travels I always start by penciling ProWein into my calendar. I can do more in three days at ProWein than two weeks on the road. ProWein is a gift for the professional wine community where productivity and professionalism are the rules of the day. There simply is no better place to discover new producers while keeping tabs on those you might already be familiar with.”


Especially for U.S. buyers, importers and wholesalers coming to the show, ProWein and Wine Enthusiast have built “Route USA”, guiding U.S. visitors to those producers who seek to meet them.

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Published on February 1, 2018