Ventisquero’s Five Great Wines


Ventisquero offers elegant wines that are born of passion, curiosity, creative freedom, a willingness to take risks, a thirst for innovation and an intense exploration of the senses. There are five fine wines from Ventisquero that reflect this and much more. Balanced, aromatic wines that reveal their terroirs, have different flavors, and are at their very best when complemented by food.

ENCLAVE, VÉRTICE, HERÚ, PANGEA and TARA are Ventisquero’s five finest wines. They demonstrate the importance of taking risks and of assuming that the only limit is that the result should be surprising. These wines are distinctive, each in their own way delivering a passion for the earth and their origins and a love for their fruits.
The team at Ventisquero knows that to get different results, it is necessary to experiment, to take the road less traveled, to challenge the established way of doing things and to always be motivated by an ongoing curiosity for creating the best.

ENCLAVE, the jewel of Maipo

ENCLAVE Cabernet Sauvignon is from the Chilean wine-producing area that has crossed boundaries: Alto Maipo, specifically Ventisquero’s vineyard in Pirque — the source of Chile’s best Cabernet Sauvignon wines. This Cabernet Sauvignon is no exception. It took renowned Australian winemaker, John Duval, and Ventisquero winemaker, Felipe Tosso, 10 years to the right place to achieve this wine, which today is so highly acclaimed around the world.

VÉRTICE and PANGEA: two worlds, two wines

VÉRTICE is a blend of Carménère and Syrah sourced from the highest altitude plots in Ventisquero’s La Roblería vineyard in Apalta, in the heart of the Colchagua Valley. PANGEA is an exceptional Syrah produced from grapes grown in specially selected blocks of Ventisquero’s La Roblería vineyard. Both wines were originally made by John Duval, who is a specialist in producing Syrah (Shiraz) wines in Australia and wanted to take part in creating a distinctly Chilean Syrah. From 2003 onwards, Felipe Tosso and John Duval have worked together to create PANGEA and VÉRTICE, uniting two visions in just one spirit.

La Robleria Vineyard Aerial View
La Robleria Vineyard Aerial View
HERÚ, the magic of Chile’s cool coast

HERÚ is a Pinot Noir produced from grapes grown in Ventisquero’s Tapihue vineyard in Casablanca, harvested with the greatest care. HERÚ has an unrivaled aroma and its artisan production makes it a great example of New World Pinot Noir.

TARA, the audacious Desert Wine

TARA is a line of very limited production wines born in the Atacama Desert, a place that is unique in the world. Three naturally made wines, two red blends – one based on Syrah and the other on Pinot Noir – and a white based on Chardonnay, from vineyards located 12 miles from the sea on the second terrace of the River Huasco. An adventure in which explanations cease to be important and give way to an incomparable tasting experience that has taken these wines, which powerfully reflect their terroir with its calcareous and saline soils, to the best restaurants in the world.

Atacama Desert Vineyard
Atacama Desert Vineyard
Published on April 2, 2018