Sicily Expedition Video Series 2018

What’s old is new again, as curiosity and demand for Sicilian wine surges. This ancient land woven of many cultures, offers visitors indigenous grapes, heroic viticulture, and singular winery visits. Join Wine Enthusiast on an adventure to this Mediterranean isle where Italian Editor Kerin O’Keefe unveils Sicily’s alluring mystique. She stops at these iconic wineries to talk wine, cuisine, and tourism opportunities.


Meet Donnafugata, a family-owned winery working the vineyards of Sicily since 1851. This historic house will lead you across the Sicilian landscape through its award-winning wines. Taste the island’s Mediterranean sunshine, volcanic soil, and perfumed wildflowers in a glass of Donnafugata. Let owner and winemaker Antonio Rallo show you around.



On Sicily, a metamorphosis is underway: wine producers no longer grow grapes in quantity, instead crafting wines of quality. Spearheading that evolution is Stemmari Winery. The brand strives to capture the Mediterranean isle’s soul by weaving the past with the future; by making old grapes, like Grillo, new again. And by embracing the singularity of the land: the intensity of sunlight; the saltiness of the sea; the crumble of its soil. This is Sicily.


Sicilia DOC

Journey through Sicily with Wine Enthusiast’s Italian editor Kerin O’Keefe. Truly, like a continent of wine, Sicily’s passionate producers are transforming native grapes into satisfying wines to pair with fresh, Mediterranean cuisine. The result: a thrilling culinary adventure through this beautiful, historic land.


Published on July 30, 2018
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