Moscato d’Asti is Ripe for Aging

Bottles of Moscato d'Asti
Photo by Meg Baggott

Fragrant, foaming, fresh and delicious, Moscato d鈥橝sti is one of Italy鈥檚 most celebrated sweet wines. This silky, low-alcohol sparkler is made entirely from white Muscat grapes, and its typical sensations include orange blossom, apricot, thyme and lemon. It鈥檚 generally consumed upon release, but its bright acidity means it can have serious aging potential when stored in the right conditions.

There aren鈥檛 many examples of aged Moscato d鈥橝sti on the market, but a unique tasting of Saracco gives an idea of what this wine might have in store. Get ahead of the curve and tuck away a bottle during this year鈥檚 holiday celebrations.

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What to Expect

Moscato producer Saracco sent Italian Editor Kerin O’Keefe an exclusive lineup of vintages back to 2005. Here鈥檚 how they evolved.


Juicy with a silky mousse, this has aromas and flavors of wildflower, ripe apricot and chopped herb. Textbook.


Fresh, fragrant and savory, this boasts classic apricot, citrus and Mediterranean herb sensations. It鈥檚 creamy and elegant, with a lemon drop finish.


Floral and eucalyptus aromas lead the nose, while the vibrant, elegant palate offers ripe apricot, nectarine and a hint of graphite.


More deeply colored, this has dried apricot, pinesap and aromatic herb sensations.


Boasting intense thyme, dried apricot, orange zest, lemon drop and cedar sensations, this is still fresh, but it鈥檚 gaining depth.


Remarkably fresh and polished, this presents youthful orange blossom, lime, yellow peach and wild herb sensations. It closes on a graphite note.


Golden colored, this has complexity, freshness and finesse. It delivers crushed mint, lime, orange zest, rosemary and kerosene sensations. Gorgeous.


Deeply colored, this has balsamic aromas of camphor, thyme and kerosene. The palate is fresher, with tangy orange, apricot and a nutty finish.


Deep yellow hue, but still so fresh. This has a stunning depth of flavors, including hazelnut, dried herb, ripe yellow peach, white grapefruit and mineral, alongside juicy acidity.


No longer sparkling, this is more like a vino da meditazione (an Italian phrase that can describe sweet wines to linger over). It offers candied lemon drop, honeyed almond and dried apricot flavors.


Camphor, thyme, peach and lime aromas shape the nose. Polished smooth, the elegant, savory palate is almost still. It delivers dried apricot, lemon pastry cream and mineral alongside fresh acidity.


Deeply colored and no longer sparkling, this has fresh acidity that brightens candied lemon, ripe apricot and balsamic herb. Flinty mineral and honey notes linger on the finish.

Published on October 31, 2018
Topics: Wine Ratings