Drizly Expects Wine and Spirit Sales to Spike Around Thanksgiving

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Off-premise wine sales, which have been flat for the year, are expected to spike on the days before and after Thanksgiving according to Drizly, the online alcohol delivery service that allows users to have drinks delivered to their house or local shop.

Last year, Drizly saw a 64% boost in sales the day before Thanksgiving, making it equivalent to a typical Friday or Saturday in terms of sales.

Last Minute Orders

Wine and liquor rang in more than beer the day before Thanksgiving last year. Median order sizes also increased 16%, compared with the previous four Wednesdays. Scott Braun, Drizly’s chief marketing officer, told Wine Enthusiast he expects a similar jump this Wednesday.

Distributors back up Braun’s assumption, reporting that while there was a lot of buying at the beginning of November, smaller off-premise shops still have not placed orders.

“This happens every year. Everyone waits until the last minute,” says one New York area sales representative, who asked to remain anonymous. “We’re going to be going crazy trying to make all the deliveries in the last few hours.”

Depending on the state and locality, many wine stores may be closed on Thursday.

A National Trend

Meanwhile, off-premise wine sales have languished at about 2% for the last 12 months, growing to $8.99 million in 2018 from the previous 12-month period of $8.84 million in 2017, according to data from the IRI, a market research firm.

Finding the Perfect Gift

Drizly says shoppers on the Monday after Thanksgiving last year moved in to gifting mode. This propelled liquor sales to the top sales spot with spirits at 43%, wine at 39% and beer at 17%.

Published on November 21, 2018
Topics: Latest News
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