Discovering Pazo Pondal, the Jewel of Rias Baixas

Pazo Pondal is a family winery founded in 1998. We are located in Arbo (Pontevedra), one of the best sub-regions for Rías Baixas D.O. Albariño.

Our family winery has a history of striving to produce wines that express their terroir, wines that are full of the fruit and floral aromas that characterize the complexity and style of Pazo Pondal wines.

Our estate, located on the north bank of the Río Miño, includes 13 hectares of trellised vineyards where we cultivate our Albariño, the Galician grape par excellence, with great care and dedication.

Currently, we are the second generation in a family tradition dedicated to the cultivation of our beloved Albariño. After many years of hard work, we saw our dreams come true in 2006 with the inauguration of the Pazo Pondal winery, built on the Pondal plot from which it gets its name.

We have inherited the passion, devotion and love of the vineyards from our ancestors, and are increasingly dedicated to viticulture that is responsible and respectful of the environment.

The growing process reflects the age-old artisan skills of our family.

We work the vineyard in an increasingly natural way to recover the life and native complexity of the soils, and to ensure that our wines are the ultimate expression of the terroir.

Our wines reflect the landscape of our vineyards and their terroir, conveying the care with which the vines are treated. They are extremely aromatic wines with notes of the wild fruits and flowers of our vineyard. They are very fresh with a light touch of acidity, marked by their shallow and slightly acidic sandy loam soils. The Rías Baixas D.O. Albariño is a young, dry and intensely aromatic wine, regarded as the best white wine from Spain.

We produce personal wines that reflect our vineyard. For this we use our own yeasts for the fermentation of the wines. A very important step where the values of our winery are reflected, respecting and using all the natural environment of the winery to achieve environmentally friendly wines.

Our Wines DO Rias Baixas

Lenda: 100% Albariño. Bright yellow with greenish iridescent tones. Aromas are very tropical, white fruits and flowers.

Pazo Pondal: Premium 100% Albariño fermented and aging on lees. Complex nose that shows balsamic notes accompanied by white fruits, touches of fine bakery, citrus fruits. Only 20,000 bottles.

Miña Vida: The perfect blend of Albariño, Treixadura and godello. A tribute to the founders of Pazo Pondal and a tribute to our area of Tea County. Only 6,000 bottles.

Cuvee Pazo Pondal: A production of only 900 numbered bottles, a sublime fermented albariño aged in French oak barrels

Our Wines D.O Bierzo

Godello Pazo Pondal: The most delicate, elegant and fresh wine of the winery. Godello 100% aged for 6 months on fine lees. Only 5,000 bottles.

In Pazo Pondal we never stop searching for excellence in each wine.

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Published on December 17, 2018