Wine Paris, Uniting Two Major Wine Shows, Starts February 11

Vinisud and Vinovision combine to form Paris's first major wine exhibition, showcasing the 2018 vintage and a preview of the year to come.
An aerial view of 2018's Vinisud event / Photo courtesy Wine Paris

Wine Paris takes place in the Porte de Versailles exhibition halls in central Paris from February 11–13, 2019.

A first of its kind, Wine Paris unites two existing major wine shows: Vinisud and Vinovision. It brings the Mediterranean and Southern French wines of Vinisud and the cool climate wines of Vinovision together under one roof, where 2,000 exhibitors will be available to an expected 25,000 visitors.

Perfectly timed to showcase the latest 2018 vintage, the show kicks off the major wine exhibitions of the coming year. Adding to the excitement is that this is the first time Paris has hosted such a major wine event. Visitors can take advantage of the first-class offerings of the exhibition halls while also enjoying everything the City of Light has to offer.

Vinisud and Vinovision, who each previously focused on different categories of French wine, are now under the same ownership. According to Pierre Clément, president of Vinovision Paris, “The choice of a large gathering in Paris in a collective approach has become necessary to meet the demand of our French and international customers.”

For Fabrice Rieu, president of Vinisud, “Wine Paris is rooted in the heart of the [French] terroirs and will allow buyers to rediscover the specificities of each vineyard within a 100% business event.”

Advance tickets are $23 (20 euros) for trade buyers, $45 (40 euros) the day of the event.

Published on December 24, 2018
Topics: Latest News

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