Italy’s Lake Garda DOC: A Favorable Climate Produces Wines with Character


What is the most fundamental condition to ensure the quality of a wine? The answer is simple: healthy, ripe grapes, fruit of an ideal climate.

Perfect ripening is the dream of every winemaker, and sometimes the dream comes true. When a vineyard grows on fertile soil, whether murrain or marl, with the perfect exposure of the 45th parallel, cooled and dried by the lake breezes, the job is a lot easier. Of course the loving care of the grower and his winemaking skill are essential if we want to enjoy silky bubbles, delicious white, fine rosés and long-lasting reds.

The marl gives depth to the white wines, providing structure and mineral longevity, keeping them fresh and satisfying. One might say it gives the wines personality and provides a foretaste of the refinement possible with correct and appropriate aging in the bottle. Where the murrain soil meets the clear marl, there is a fine, light gravel that produces the best fruits for our rosé wines, that are always fascinating, luscious, fragrant and flavorful. These are wines with a history of centuries on Lake Garda, grapes that are great examples of quality and style, intimately linked to this area, its culture and its cuisine.

When gravel turns to rock and the murrain becomes dark and rises into the hills, we find varieties of hardy red grapes that call to mind visions of great goblets quaffed with platters of delicious, hearty foods. The red wines of Garda can also be delicate, but whether delicate or full-bodied, they always have a note of refinement that distinguishes them. It is the ripeness of which we spoke before, that yields silky, sweet-tasting tannins, balanced alcohol, protective acidity and discernible structure. Whether they are table wines or reserves, perfect for aging, they are inimitable examples of interpretation by generations of vintners who have carried on the art of making wine on Lake Garda, a unique terroir.

The harmony of such a unique environment also enables it to express the maximum aromatic extension, complex and detailed: the perfect base for exceptional sparkling wines made from local white and red grape varieties.

Additional richness comes from the processing of rosé wines according to the sparkling methods. These wines maintain the fragrance and identity of the noble terroir of Garda Doc, and win the hearts of consumers everywhere for their lightness, precision, immediately fruity notes and perfect pairing with food.

Garda Doc is an elegant, sun-drenched, modern sparkling wine, a new example of quality with powerful ties to its friendly climate and area.


Published on May 31, 2019