Mindy Kaling on What Wine Pairs Best with her Couch

Mindy Kaling of The Office
Photo courtesy of Barefoot

Mindy Kaling is very funny and very busy. She first entered the spotlight playing Kelly Kapoor on The Office, a show for which she was also a writer, executive producer and sometimes director.

Since then, she’s helmed her own show, The Mindy Project, acted in more than a dozen movies, written two comedic memoirs, racked up several awards such as Screen Actors Guild and People’s Choice, and became a single mother to a little girl. Her most recent film project, Late Night, was released in June. She wrote and co-stars with Emma Thompson in this tale of a late-night talk show host who’s afraid she’s about to lose her show.

So when, then, does Kaling drink wine? When she’s got a moment to sit on her couch and relax. The actress recently partnered with Barefoot Wine on its Joy of Missing Out campaign, to celebrate the moments when one revels in putting on pajamas, turning on the television and enjoying some wine. We caught up to talk about her new vinous passion.

“I enjoy drinking wine, so if there’s other ways to do that professionally, I’m in!”

What’s your favorite wine to drink when you’re home on the couch?

I love Pinot Grigio because it’s light, delicious, and if I spill it on my pajamas it won’t make a huge mess like red wine. One of the things I love…is that I can open a box and not worry about wasting an entire bottle if I just want to enjoy a glass, because it stays fresh for 30 days.

Is that different than what you tend to reach for when you’re out on the town?

If I’m not at home, I love Barefoot Spritzers, because they are so easy to carry in a cooler and perfect for events! Right now I am liking the Summer Red Spritzer.

Were you a big wine-drinker prior to this campaign?

Wine is like visual art, it’s intimidating, and I felt like I didn’t have the vocabulary to describe what I liked.

Are you hoping to get more involved in the wine industry? Why or why not?

I enjoy drinking wine, so if there’s other ways to do that professionally, I’m in!

Published on July 26, 2019
Topics: Celebrities