10 New Ways to Express Your Undying Love for Chardonnay

Photo by Tom Arena
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In case you haven’t looked at your calendar—or out your window—recently, spring has officially begun. And you know what means: So, too, has Chardonnay season.

Sure, we enjoy Chard and other white wines all year long, but there’s just something about bright yellow sunshine and a promise of dining outside in the days to come that makes a glass of the stuff seem that much more appealing.

18 of the Best Chardonnays We Drank this Year

One of the most popular grape varieties worldwide, Chardonnay is celebrated for its ability to produce outstanding pours in cool, moderate and warm conditions alike. It creates an array of dry styles that range from light, lean and elegant to full-bodied, rich and buttery, and lends necessary balance to delicate bubbly.

And thankfully, its flexibility goes for more than just wine: Chardonnay’s signature flavors and aromas lend themselves to all manner of food and other items as artisans increasingly infuse it into products outside of the vinous world.

Below, 10 other ways we’ll begin embracing Chardonnay this season.

Double-Wall Flared Tumblers (Set of 4)

With a unique flared rim, these tumblers offer the illusion of liquid floating in the glass. Even better: They help maintain your drink’s optimal temperature.

$39.95 Wine Enthusiast

Sonoma Chardonnay Iced Tea

Maybe you’re sober curious. Perhaps you’re cutting back. Or maybe it’s only 9 am. Regardless of your reason for forgoing actual wine, this tropical, peach and alcohol-free beverage is made with Chardonnay grape skins instead of tea leaves.

$8.50 Amazon

Double-Wall Iceless Wine Bottle Chiller

Ditch the ice in lieu of sleek lines and modern design. The thermal-insulated walls of this acrylic bottle chiller will keep your wine cool for up to three hours.

$19.95 Wine Enthusiast

Chardonnay Barrel Aged Candle

Fill your home with some of Chardonnay’s most beloved warming aromas: vanilla, butter, oak and hazelnut. Hand-poured in Charleston, South Carolina, this natural soy wax candle even comes in a barrel-inspired, acacia wood vessel.

$32 Amazon

Brent’s Chardonnay Wine Brittle

Spanish peanuts partner up with Chardonnay, butter, vanilla and a pinch of salt to create this crunchy candy. The elegant, slender packaging makes it present-ready.

$16.95 Amazon

Chardonnay Antioxidant Bubble Bath

Made with oils and extracts from Chardonnay grape seeds combined with organic botanicals, this nutrient-rich bubble bath promises all the pampering of a wine country getaway without leaving home.

$24 Olavie

Chardonnay Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the first “other” uses for wine grapes. This modern example is made from Chardonnay wine mixed with vinegar before it’s aged and fermented in small oak barrels. The result is bright, crisp and floral. It will add a refreshing twist to salad dressings.

$12.95 B.R. Cohn

Chardonnay Cotton Candy

Looking for a nostalgic sugar rush? Merge the childish fanfare of a carnival with all the over-21 fun to be found inside a wine bottle when you crack open this quirky, light-as-air treat.

$7.99 Homebrewing.org

Mandarin Chardonnay Bar Soap

Enliven one of even the most ordinary moments of your day with the light and crisp scents of this Chardonnay-infused soap. Also made with mango and kukui oils, its delicate citrus aromas balances the expected characteristics of the wine.

$9.95 Napasoap.com

Red Raspberry Chardonnay Wine Ice Cream

Available in pints, one-serving cups and at assorted scoop shops across the country, this premium ice cream features an oak-aged Chardonnay infused with red raspberry purée. A head’s up, however: It can contain up to 5% alcohol by volume (abv), so this treat is reserved for those 21 and over.

From $7.95 Mercer's Dairy

Published on April 27, 2020
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