Tenute Piccini: The Piccini Family’s Oenological Project

A journey that combines entrepreneurial vision with love for Italy’s most prized territories.

From Chianti Classico to Maremma to the volcanic territories of Etna and Vulture, the Piccini Estates represent first a dream and then an entrepreneurial project characterized by very different souls but all united by the ability to recount some of the excellence of our country’s wines with great sincerity.

Located in the heart of Chianti Classico, Piccini Estates, the winegrowing and wine-producing group owned by the Piccini family, is one of the most dynamic and innovative wineries in Italy today. It has made the qualitative exaltation of the various wine-producing areas of the peninsula the key to its identity. The resulting wines are authentic, always respectful of the grape variety, the terroir, and the typicality of their areas of origin.

“This is the philosophy of our family, deeply linked to the traditions and values handed down from generation to generation as a starting point for creating wines of the highest quality,” says Mario Piccini, CEO of the company. “Piccini is a story of family and passion, a 140-year history, a path of continuous growth and great results.”

The Piccini Estates project has deep roots and today, despite the expansion of acquisitions, it is still inspired by simple and sincere values.

“Once, my father handed me a glass of wine and asked me what I thought of it,” recalls Piccini. “I clearly remember the surprise of that tasting: sweet and tannic, savory and acid, all so perfectly integrated, with a balance I had never experienced before. That memory that I have carried with me since then, and that I always try to relive, is the greatest confirmation that wine is something that lives, a fluid material in continuous evolution towards a point of perfection. Everything I do is driven by an irrational desire to relive that moment and to share with others the joy and wonder that a glass of perfection can provoke.”


The Piccini Estates project is a journey through the different regions of Italy, made possible by the varied location of the company’s five estates, which together comprise around 500 acres of vineyards.

The estate portfolio begins with Fattoria Valiano, a splendid Chianti Classico estate that is the Piccini family home in the province of Siena. It then moves on to Tenuta Moraia, located in the province of Grosseto, along the Tuscan coast, in Maremma. The picture of Tuscan estates is completed, finally, by Villa al Cortile, which represents a reference point for the production of Brunello in Montalcino.

Leaving Tuscany and venturing south, one arrives in Basilicata, home to around 37 acres  of vineyards at Regio Cantina. Located at the foothills of Mount Vulture, this is where some of the best Aglianico is produced.

In the Sicilian landscape, right on the slopes of the great volcano Etna is where the high-altitude bush vines of Torre Mora rise. The boutique estate and its terraced vineyards built from lava rocks spreads between the villages of Castiglione di Sicilia and Linguaglossa.

All of the Piccini Estates are run entirely organically. Over the years, various techniques have been explored, with the aim of safeguarding the vine by carrying out as few interventions as possible, from green manure to the use of antagonistic insects. Every year at the beginning of March, therefore, swarms of antagonistic insects are released in the vineyards at the bottom of the valley, where the humidity is higher, to naturally combat parasites dangerous to the vine, such as cochineal. This, together with a selection of drought-tolerant rootstocks, lower-density trellising systems and indigenous grape varieties replacing some of the less suitable international ones, aim at a holistic approach towards sustainable vine-growing practices.

The history of Piccini Estates is the story of five generations that have followed one another uninterruptedly. Each hands down passion, values, knowledge and skills, in search of the highest territorial identity, and valuing the most rooted and historical traditions, which for years now contribute to making great wines from the different regions where the company’s estates are located today.

Its innovative approach to Chianti production led to the internationally successful launch of the Chianti Orange Label. Between tradition and intuition, the fourth generation of the Piccini family has taken one of the oldest and most traditional wines in Italy and made it contemporary, vibrant, original and international.

Under the guidance of the fourth generation of the family, Piccini is today one of the most distinctive, dynamic and innovative Italian wineries.

Today, the fifth generation, represented by Mario Piccini’s sons Benedetta, Ginevra and Michelangelo, is also beginning to follow in their father’s footsteps, dedicating themselves to the activities of the Piccini Estates.

The vineyards of each estate give life to different wines, but with a common thread of absolute quality. In each estate, the oenological purpose is different and at the same time in line with that of its sisters: distinctive, high-quality wines, produced in suitable areas and accompanied by the leading experts in the field.

Published on July 29, 2020