Discover Paso Robles Wine Country


Paso Robles has a long history as an agricultural community, from ranches dating back to the 1800s, to barley, almonds and now vineyards. The region鈥檚 unique and diverse climate combined with an equally distinct landscape, both challenge and inspire vineyard growers and winemakers who call this place home.

Wineries Abound

Over 200 wineries make up Paso Robles wine country. Here you鈥檒l find everything from laid back tastings under the cover of ancient oaks to intimate wine experiences amongst barrels nestled in underground caves. Enjoying a glass on horseback or after a zip line adventure isn鈥檛 out of the ordinary here. Whether you鈥檙e looking to relax or explore, one thing is certain; you鈥檒l leave with lifelong memories and hopefully a few bottles of Paso wine to remind you of your time here.

Distinctly Different

Wines are undoubtedly a reflection of the place they come from and the people who craft them. Paso Robles world renown wines span over several different varietals providing a range for almost any palate. Red, white, blend or ros茅, big and bold to subtle. There鈥檚 a taste experience for everyone who visits.

Renegades of Wine

As much a representation of the place, Paso wine is also reflected in the innovative spirit of the people who take it from grape to glass. A band of renegades, they鈥檝e been called, the tenders of the vineyards and the winemakers who harness the land in the bottle.

The Real California Road Trip

It鈥檚 Time for a Road Trip. Plan your Real California Road Trip to Paso Robles where charming two-lane roads take you through the heart of wine country and small-town hospitality sweeps you away.

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Published on September 16, 2020