10 of Our Favorite French Sparkling Wines that Aren’t Champagne

Sparkling wine from France
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Traditional method sparkling wine can be found across France not just in Champagne, these bubbles made outside of Champagne are called Crémant. Crémant d’Alsace expresses similar characteristics to the regions still wine, impossibly fresh with elegant generosity of flavors, it is unsurprising that it is the most popular Crémant in France.

The white sparklers of Alsace can be made single variety or a blend of Auxerrois, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, white the Crémant d’Alsace Rosé is made from 100% Pinot Noir. Crémant d’Alsace has also gained popularity due to it’s more affordable price tag compared to Champagne allowing even the most budget conscious consumer to enjoy these beauties.

10 French sparkling wines to look for 

RenĂ© MurĂ© NV RosĂ© Brut (CrĂ©mant d’Alsace); $40, 93 points. The creamy strawberry note on the nose of this wine has the faintest trace of truffle. Likewise, the palate tells you to hold off and wait for this in the cellar. This wine both lush and restrained at the same time. Richness slumbers beneath the surface, charming now but promising. Texture, body and autolysis all point to sumptuousness and yet there is poise and tone too. Gargouille Collection. —Anne Krebiehl MW

Cave de RibeauvillĂ© NV Giersberger RosĂ© Brut (CrĂ©mant d’Alsace); $15, 92 points. Notes of lemon and red currant are beautifully aromatic on the nose of this lively sparkler. That red currant note is intensified on the palate by a fine line of pithiness that sits well with bright citrus freshness. The finish is lip-smackingly refreshing, dry and brims with fruit. Multiple U.S. importers. Best Buy. —A.K.

Domaine Bott-Geyl NV Paul-Edouard Extra Brut (CrĂ©mant d’Alsace); $29, 92 points. Subtle notes of dried lemon peel on this wine’s nose hint at pithy depth. The bone-dry palate shows lovely concentration and exactly that citrus pithiness that was suggested on the nose. Fine, creamy bubbles add a sense of ease to this wine that is elegant, vivid and mouthwatering. David Bowler Wine. —A.K.

Domaine Charles Baur NV Brut (CrĂ©mant d’Alsace); $25, 91 points. Soft and supple, the nose of this wine suggests fresh green apple as well as riper, rounder yellow apple. The palate sweeps these up in vivid freshness made pliant by creamy autolysis and smooth foam. Balance, brightness and dryness make this wine captivating. Best Case Wines. —A.K.

Jean-Baptiste Adam NV Brut RosĂ© (CrĂ©mant d’Alsace); $25, 91 points. Notes of lemon, red apple and strawberry combine on the nose of this wine. The palate likewise combines lemon freshness, apple texture and strawberry aroma. Fine foam accentuates the fruit and freshness makes everything lively. The body is slender and dry but full of fruit. The Sorting Table. —A.K.

Boeckel 2018 RosĂ© Brut (CrĂ©mant d’Alsace); $35, 90 points. A lovely note of rye bread blends with the citrus and strawberry notions on the wine’s nose. The palate has a frothy, lively mousse that highlights the citrus pith notion that helps to add structure to the light body. Freshness reverberates on the dry finish. —A.K.

We Recommend:

Dopff & Irion NV Blanc de Blancs Brut (CrĂ©mant d’Alsace); $19, 90 points. Notions of creamy lemon yeast burst with every bubble that rises to this wine’s surface. The body adds a subtle, textural yeasty backdrop while bubbles continue to froth, transporting more freshness against a mellow background. Slender, bright, vivid and smooth, it makes a beautiful aperitif. Dreyfus, Ashby & Co. —A.K.

Frey-Sohler 2017 Brut (CrĂ©mant d’Alsace); $23, 90 points. Chamomile, dried lemon rind, apple and juicy Mirabelle unite, giving freshness, aroma and verve to the aromatic nose on this wine. On the slender palate these aromas are enlivened by bright, frothy fizz. Citrus and freshness dance as the bubbles burst. It’s a lively and unusual sparkler with a dry finish. Kindred Vines. —A.K.

Lucien Albrecht NV RosĂ© Brut Pinot Noir (CrĂ©mant d’Alsace); $24, 90 points. In this wine, a subtle palate of rye crumb, red apple and lemon follows a subdued nose. A lovely balance of flavors shows on the slender palate, with the freshness and juiciness of ripe apple. Fine bubbles create resonance on the dry finish. Foley Family Wines. —A.K.

Pierre Sparr NV Brut RĂ©serve (CrĂ©mant d’Alsace); $24, 90 points. A floral note of summer blossom accompanies fresh notes of green and yellow apple on this wine’s nose. The palate adds creaminess, presenting a harmonious, fruity, elegant and light body with a dry finish. It is a lovely aperitif. Wilson Daniels Ltd. —A.K

Published on September 18, 2020
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