Wine Enthusiast Podcast: Put a (Better) Cork In It

Illustration of different cork closures for Wine Enthusiast Podcsast episode 83
Illustration by Ellen Surrey

Cork closures are nothing new in the world of wine but, thankfully, the technology making them more reliable is. From questions of sustainability and the use of alternate materials to improved testing techniques, it turns out that not all corks are created equally. But many are being made better than ever before.

In honor of our The New Now issue, we’re getting a little geeky and diving deep with some real cork dorks. Contributing Editor Sean Sullivan talks to Carlos de Jesus, director of marketing and communication, and Dr. Paulo Lopes, director of innovation, from Amorim, the world’s largest cork producer, with over 5.2 billion corks sold annually in more than 37 countries. We also tap Denis van Roey, CEO, and Stéphane Vidal, head of strategic innovation, at Vinventions, producers of Nomacorc.

Together, these industry innovators reflect on the past, present and future of corks, discussing how to make a more sustainable and biodegradable product, and why tainted closures may soon be a thing of the past.

You can learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about cork taint in this article by Sean Sullivan, or check out this article to read more about the pros and cons of different wine closures.

Published on February 17, 2021
Topics: Podcast