Wine Enthusiast Podcast: California’s Women in Wine—Part 2

Illustration of hands holding up assorted wine types and glasses for Wine Enthusiast Podcast Episode 86 on Women in California Wine
Illustration by Ellen Surrey

The second in our two-part series to honor Women’s History Month, this episode of the Wine Enthusiast Podcast features some of the leading ladies of the California wine scene who are driving the industry forward today.

To kick things off, Contributing Editor Virginie Boone speaks with Amanda Wittstrom Higgins, president and founder of Dream Big Darling, cofounder of Wine Speak Paso Robles and VP of operations at Ancient Peaks Winery. An energetic and passionate player in California wine, Wittstrom Higgins talks about the importance of finding your tribe and building your support network, as well as mentoring and amplifying others’ voices.

We also speak with Ana Keller of Keller Estate, who centers her conversation around respecting the land and the community around you, and how organizations can champion change. Innovative and inspiring, Keller advocates attention to farming for the future and applying best and sustainable practices for the greater good of generations to come.

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Published on March 31, 2021
Topics: Podcast