What Farm Community Worth Its Salt Doesn’t Have a Show Pony?

(Ours just happens to be the 2018 Winemaker of the Year).

Way back in 1899, if you’d asked anyone in the Mettler family if one day one of them would be named Winemaker of the Year, you pretty much would have gotten a shrug. Last year, Adam Mettler got a trophy. And while it’s a really big deal in the wine world, Adam, believe it or not, shrugged off the spotlight. Because you don’t set out to win awards. You set out to grow the finest grapes and to make the best wine possible. And you do that by farming sustainably, making sure there’s something worth handing off to the next generation. You do it by sharing what you learn with your neighbor. And vice-versa. You do it with a strong back and an open mind; believing all along that a rising tide will lift all boats. It’s a sentiment that runs deep here and has ever since the first vines went in nearly 200 years ago. Vines that, to this very day, are still producing, still lifting. So while the award may have gone to Adam, you can be sure that every grower, every winemaker here, is damn proud to have received it.


Published on April 8, 2021