We Boast Some of the World’s Richest Soils for Growing Winegrapes

(Why, you can taste gold, silver and bronze in many of our wines.)


Suppose God’s little acre was slightly larger. And that the soils that enrich it are carried down from high up in the Sierra’s. By day, the California sun warms it; by night, breezes off the Bay sneak through the Carquinez Strait to cool it. And throughout the year, miles of interconnected waterways quench its thirst. Now, if such a place existed, you might be inclined to think it a pretty good spot to grow things—say, grapes for instance. And where growers grow grapes, surely there must be vintners who make wine. Which is exactly what’s happening here at a spot 38ºN/121ºW on any map, where, quite wonderfully, all the elements—both natural and human have come together exactly so to create row upon row of pristine vines and award-winning wines. And who knows how many ways to enjoy them.


Published on May 3, 2021