Wine Enthusiast Podcast: Is There Anything New to Say About Rosé?

rose wave surfer
Illustration by Vidhya Nagarajan

Ever since the rosé movement exploded onto the scene in the U.S. in the early aughts, production and production has continued to rise worldwide. It’s proven that it’s much more than a summertime poolside libation, with fans from novice wine lovers to pop culture icons and celebrities.

Throughout the novel coronavirus pandemic, rosé was a gateway for many wine consumers to travel the world through their glasses. The style’s rainbow of offerings includes selections that are versatile, affordable, approachable, attractive and food-friendly.

In this episode, Associate Managing Editor of Digital, Emily Saladino, speaks with sommelier and natural wine consultant Margot Mazur as well as The Lotus and the Vines founder Larissa Dubose. The three discuss how climate change and last year’s wildfires found winemakers pivoting from full-bodied reds to rosés made with minimal skin contact. They also explore rosé’s recent history, popularity and where might the great pink wave be off to next. Dubose highlights the importance of exploring food inclusivity by pairing rosé with dishes from different cultures and locales, like the Caribbean and Philippines.

For a cheat sheet on how rosé is made, consider this quick guide to rosé wine. Or, check out this article for recommendations of recently reviewed rosés worth picking up today. Still a sucker for French classics? Brush up on the country’s top regional styles here, or read about these fortified rosés that march to the beat of their own, stronger drum.

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Published on June 9, 2021
Topics: Podcast