Wine Enthusiast Podcast: The Current State of American Lagers

Illustration by Vidhya Nagarajan

Though often associated with big, international brewing companies, lagers are having a craft moment.

Consumers are looking for beers that can showcase new hops, and clean lagers are a perfect vessel. But there are also non-craft drinkers that want crisp, refreshing beers. With nearly 9,000 breweries now in the U.S., more options from this category are available than ever before, and many are brewed locally.

To tap into this trend, Beer Editor John Holl speaks with Todd DiMatteo, owner and brewer of Good Word Brewing & Public House in Georgia, and Khristopher Johnson, founding brewer and co-owner of Green Bench Brewery in Florida, about the current state of American craft lagers, and where to turn for your next delicious sip.

From familiar styles with new-age hops to collaborations that revive forgotten substyles, there sure is a lot of love for lagers these days. So grab a pint and enjoy the lager lowdown.

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Published on July 7, 2021
Topics: Podcast