Everything You Need to Make Frosé at Home

A glass of frosé
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Frosé, the frozen blend of rosé wine and lemonade, is the perfect drink for the dog days of summer—or any other time when you could use something refreshing.

All you need is a bottle of rosé, this delightfully doable recipe and these festive yet functional tools to make and serve the perfect frosé.

The Dawn of the Age of Friesling

Host Freeze Margarita Cooling Cups

Melted puddles of a slushie are a sad sight. But even when the heat is on, these insulated cocktail glasses are designed to keep your frozen drink, well, frozen. Pop them in the freezer two hours before use to activate the cooling gel within their walls.

The glasses have two different silicone grip color options, and they are made from BPA-free plastic.

$40 Amazon

Nightingale Silicone Straws

Many silicone straws harden over time, accumulating stains and smells. But these straws are made with platinum-cured silicone allowing them to stay soft, bendable and free of odor. And colorful options make these models party-ready.

Nightingale also tackles the other downfalls of reusable straws. While they are large enough to fit in many tumblers, you can cut them so they properly fit in smaller cups. As an added bonus, the company uses third-party testing to make sure they’re free of toxins.

$12 Amazon

Soulchef Silicone Ice Cube Trays

Gone are the days of breaking plastic ice trays trying to get the cubes to release. Soulchef’s toxin-free silicone trays can twist, bend and easily pop out cubes without shattering the ice or tray.

The colorful, stackable trays produce plenty of ice to crush, and the lids protect your lemonade cubes from absorbing any freezer tastes or smells.

$19 Amazon

Vitamix 5200 Blender

A durable blender is a must for any frozen drink fan. Those ready to make an investment can’t go wrong with this Vitamix classic.

The 5200 handles large batches with professional power and can make a range of textures with the turn of a knob. Unlike most blenders, Vitamix has the power to crush ice into the finely textured snow that is ideal for frozen drinks.

When you’re all done, simply blend warm water with a drop of soap and let the Vitamix’s self-cleaning function do the rest.

$410 Amazon

Willow and Moore Decorative Serving Tray

Show off your frosé with a stylish presentation. Willow and Moore’s durable, lightweight serving tray brings a colorful pop to any event. This family-owned business takes pride in craftsmanship and customer service and offers trays in three finishes.

With every sale, Willow and Moore donate to restoring eyesight to those in need in rural areas of India.

$37 Amazon

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Published on August 13, 2021
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