Wine Enthusiast Podcast: Why is IPA so Unstoppable?

Illustration by Vidhya Nagarajan

Above all other established styles, all of the trends, all of the brewer wishes, the India pale ale remains the best-selling craft beer style. Why is it so popular and seemingly unstoppable?

In this episode, the second in our three-part series highlighting this year’s 40 Under 40 Tastemakers, we dive into the IPA category.

Beer Editor John Holl speaks with three people from this year’s 40 Under 40 list—Lisa Allen of Heater Allen Brewing in McMinnville, OR; Bill Shufelt of Athletic Brewing in Stratford, CT; and Doug Veliky of Revolution Brewing in Chicago, IL—about the good, the bad and the in between on all things IPA.

Settle in with a glass of your favorite cold one and get ready for a hoppy ride.

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Published on September 15, 2021
Topics: Podcast