Seven Gifts Beer Pros Want to Receive This Year

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When someone is into beer, or any beverage for that matter, there’s a wide range of gifts that span from gimmicky to more thoughtful.

To help you get started on your holiday shopping, we asked beer professionals across the nation, from brewmasters to beer writers, what they think would make great presents for the beer lover in your life.

Three of the Best Beer Home Brewing Kits for Beginners

1. For the Person Who Wants to Try Everything:

A Gift Card to a Beer Shop

“A gift card to a reputable local beer shop that I know treats their beer well and has knowledgeable staff is always a safe bet,” says Em Sauter, beer educator, creator of Pints and Panels and a Wine Enthusiast 40 Under 40 Winner. “That way your friends can try the beer they want, ask questions and also support local.”

If you don’t feel like leaving the house but still want to try some new brews, check out Minibar. The company works with local retailers in cities across the country and can deliver beer straight to your door. They also offer gift cards.

$ Varies Minibar

2. For the Budding Cicerone:

Handcrafted Chef Board with Beer and Cheese Pairings

“While it might not sound terribly exciting, I think a nicely made cutting board is a great gift,” says Jason Perkins, brewmaster at Allagash Brewing Company. “You can use it, well, to cut. But you can also use it as a base for a charcuterie or cheese board, which come in very handy around the holidays. You could even gift a beer and cheese pairing as well. I’m a fan of Jasper Hill’s Harbison and our Tripel.”

While Boh Small Batch is not currently taking orders at this time, you can check out this cutting board on Amazon.

$ Varies Fresh Direct

3. For the Late-Night Homebrewer: 

Aeropress Coffee Maker

James Sullivan, marketing manager at Highland Park Brewery, swears by his Aeropress and thinks others could benefit from one, too.

“I have the same routine every morning: walk my dog, shower and make coffee using my Aeropress. I’ve had mine for about four years and it’s honestly my favorite way to make coffee in the morning. It’s so compact and portable that you can bring it almost anywhere—camping, vacation, work, anywhere! There are so many different recipes to try for Aeropress so you can switch up how you brew it to experience different things with your coffee.”


$30 Amazon

4. For the Pragmatist:

Blue Ox Wood Shop-Style Custom Bottle Opener

The customizable Blue Ox Wood Shop opener is perfect for every beer drinker who shows up “at the bottle share with waxed bottles,” says Brandon Montgomery, founder of Black Beer Travelers and Diversify Your Palate.

“This handmade bottle opener effortlessly devours dense wax [with] the stainless-steel cutting blade and [the] bolt pops off a bottle cap with ease,” says Montgomery. He notes you can also customize these tools which “allows you to create an opener rarer than the beer you are opening.”

$ Varies Blue Ox Wood Shop

5. For the Style Icon:

Glassware from 17% Drip

“I’ve been loving the glasses from 17% Drip,” says Stephanie Gravalese, food and beer writer. “If you are interested in adding a trendy new look to your home bar or enhancing your drinking experience with unusual tasteful glasses, then be sure to check them out. They partner [with] breweries and other craft beer groups to release designs that are beautiful and durable. My Black is Beautiful stout glass makes drinking those winter beers all the more enjoyable. Their designs are bold and trendy and are a great gift for any beer lover.”

Another 17% Drip glass Gravalese holds dear is ‘Queen Miss Stacey.’ The proceeds go towards Fair Fight Action, an organization that fights voter suppression. It’s designed by Afro.Beer.Chick.

“Some of their designs are limited releases, so that may add some fun to the shopping experience,” she says.

$ Varies 17% Drip

6. For the Culinary Enthusiast:

DIY Sauce Box

“Totally pump up someone’s food life with a gift box of vibrant sauces made by people who really know the cuisines from which they’re derived,” says Garrett Oliver, author of The Brewmaster’s Table and brewmaster at The Brooklyn Brewery. “Get both Somali-style sauces from Hawa Hassan at Basbaas. Then jump over to Tunisia with the Arem brothers who make fantastic traditional harissa at Zwïta. Put ‘em all in a box and BOOM—a gift of a bolt of electricity through the kitchen!”

If you don’t want to gather the sauces yourself, you can check out this hot sauce gift box from Food52.

$ Varies Amazon

7. For the Community-Minded Beer Lover:

Charity Donation

A gift doesn’t have to be strictly beer-related, either. Jen Cuesta, Betsy Lay and Kate Power of Lady Justice Brewing in Aurora, Colorado suggest charitable giving, connecting beer lovers to their local community.

“We’d love to recommend donating to your local refugee-based nonprofit as we see asylum-seekers coming to the United States for safety and shelter and to begin a new life,” says Cuesta. “Be it in the form of monetary donations, warm clothes, sturdy bags and backpacks and new undergarments, setting folks up for success as they leave their homes is imperative… If you’re not sure where to start, do an online search for ‘your city name’ plus ‘refugee assistance.’ ”

It’s a fitting suggestion for those who love “the people’s drink.”

You can get started by looking at Charity Watch, a company that helps people make informed donations.

Be sure to also check out the best beer openers here. And don’t forget to pick something up for wine lovers and foodies in your life.

$ Varies Charity Watch
Published on October 31, 2021
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