Six of the Best Totes for Wine on the Move

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Whether you鈥檙e heading to a dinner party, a picnic or home after a holiday in wine country, a good tote is essential for safely transporting your bottles.

Wine totes are useful, and several on the market serve purposes beyond carrying your Saperavi or Carmen猫re from Point A to Point B. Some totes add flair to your personal style, some keep that Chenin chilled and others support the people who make them.

We Recommend:


Valley Wine Tote

Functionally speaking, the Valley Wine Tote by Santa Barbara-based Parker Clay holds two bottles of wine. It also has a removable leather strap and a detachable interior divider so that you can also use it as a fashionable, full-sized handbag.

But behind its leather is four hours of employment for a factory worker in Ethiopia. Founded by an American couple with two adopted Ethiopian daughters, Parker Clay owns its factory in the country鈥檚 capital, Addis Ababa. There, they鈥檝e founded an initiative to help local women build a better life for themselves through education and livable wages.

$141 Parker Clay


Patchwork Double Wine Tote Bag

Heading to the beach or a yacht party? Vineyard Vines鈥攚ith its vinaceous name derived from Martha鈥檚 Vineyard鈥攎akes this fashionable, nautical-themed canvas wine tote. The rim of the tote is lined with a patchwork of silk tie patterns, including sailboats, lighthouses and sharks.

This casual tote holds two bottles of wine, and a fabric divider down the center keeps a single bottle upright while you enjoy the other.

$45 Vineyard Vines


Neoprene Wine Tote Bags

If you just want to chill and drink wine in the great outdoors, you鈥檒l be able to with these neoprene wine totes.

Neoprene, that stretchy material used in wetsuits, not only cushions glass bottles from clanking with each other but also insulates them to keep their temperature regulated. Of course, warm weather will inevitably affect any chilled bottle, which is why these totes conveniently come with two freezer gel packs to keep your Pinot Grigio or Zinfandel ros茅 cool at first sip.

These neoprene wine totes include detachable shoulder straps, too, if you want to carry yours messenger bag style, and come in two- or three-bottle configurations.

$24.99 Wine Enthusiast


CaddyO Wine Tote

There鈥檒l be no surprise what you鈥檙e carrying with this form-fitting tote that mimics the shape of a wine bottle.

However, your friends might be surprised at what鈥檚 inside: an iceless wine chiller. Unlike totes that require you to already have your wine chilled before transport, this tote/chiller combo cools down any warm bottle to 53潞F in just half an hour鈥攁nd keeps it chilled for up to six hours. You need to store the CaddyO in the freezer for at least four hours ahead of time though.

The CaddyO comes in both cloth and leather, at different price points.

$65.95 ChillnJoy


Freezable Wine Bag

For those who are inspired by Marie Kondo and would like to reduce clutter, this nifty freezable wine bag is the solution. No need to add gel packs; within the walls of this bag, there鈥檚 already a patented freezer gel, saving you the need鈥攁nd space鈥攐f separate packs.

These bags also minimize clutter because they collapse and fold for easy storage, sparking joy to any wine lover concerned with storage space.

You can buy the PackIt Freezable Wine Bag in one- or two-bottle configurations.

$30.40 PackIt


Vino-Voyage 2.0 Wine Suitcases

Heading to wine country on a vacation and wondering how you鈥檙e going to lug all those purchased bottles of special reserve wines back home intact? Your problem is solved with the Vino-Voyage 2.0 Suitcase series. This hard-case roller luggage has interiors lined with patented foam inserts with bottle-shaped cutouts for a friction tight fit for your bottles.

The Vino-Voyage 2.0 suitcases come in six- or 12-bottle capacities, each with four double spinner wheels and a telescoping handle. The 12-bottle one even includes an integrated digital scale. Both options are approved by the TSA.

$299 Wine Enthusiast

Published on December 3, 2021
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