Wine Enthusiast Podcast: Cheers to a Bubbly New Year

Illustration of two people enjoying a glass of wine and a Champagne-shaped bottle in front of a window with fireworks in the background.
Illustration by Rachel Joan Wallis

As the end of another year rapidly approaches, one seasonal drink seems to be top of everyone’s mind: Sparkling wine.

But with so many types of bubbles to choose from, how do you know where to turn? From different production techniques and variety compositions to questions of food pairings and glassware, the possibilities seem near endless.

In this episode, Associate Managing Editor Layla Schlack talks with Assistant Tasting Director Fiona Adams and Assistant Digital Editor J’nai Gaither about all things sparkling, including their fave picks and tips for bubbly bliss.

With all the great suggestions served up in today’s conversation, you’ll be hard pressed to be at a loss next time you’re staring down the aisles of corks and cages. For additional recommendations, check out recent reviews of sparkling wines here, or read our list of the best sparkling wines from Napa and Sonoma to buy now, the six best sparkling wines to cellar, or, for something a little different, this guide to sparkling red wines from around the world.

No matter what’s in your glass when the ball drops, let’s all raise our glass to a delicious New Year.

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Published on December 22, 2021
Topics: Podcast