8 Films for Wine and Food Lovers (And Where to Watch Them)

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No matter how many food-themed films you’ve seen, there’s nothing quite like the pleasure of silently salivating over the scrumptious dinners and drinks that accompany your favorite scenes. While they’re no substitute for the real thing, these eight wine-, food- and drink-centric films have a way of satisfying the taste buds like a hearty meal with the perfect wine pairing.

1. Chef (2014)

A scene from the movie 'Chef'

An epic battle of palate preferences makes its way online when a disgruntled head chef takes his grievances with a food blogger’s unflattering critique to Twitter. After going viral (for the wrong reasons), the chef quits his restaurant gig, launches a food truck business and begins serving up Cuban cuisine, simultaneously restoring his faith in cooking, love and family.

Whip up a tasty batch of mojitos at home and check out Chef.

Where to Watch it:

2. Uncorked (2020)

A scene from the movie 'Uncorked'

Released in 2020, this Netflix drama follows the story of Elijah, an aspiring master sommelier who works to realize his professional dreams only to have his chances of studying abroad derailed by one obstacle after another.

Not only does this film beautifully illustrate the infectious passion and commitment that goes into garnering expert-level wine knowledge, but it also highlights the extremely relatable challenge of daring to take your family’s legacy in a new yet uncertain direction.

Where to Watch It:

3. Julie & Julia (2009)

A scene from the movie 'Julia & Julia'

Julie & Julia tells the story of an author who sets out to refine her culinary skills and break out of a personal rut by perfecting all 524 recipes in Julia Childs’ first book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. With her story told in conjunction with Childs’ early career in 1940s Paris, the author winds her way through a journey of growth and evolution.

Watch this film for a healthy dose of cooking and life inspiration, and because it’s the first movie to be based on a blog. Julie & Julia is currently streaming on Hulu, Amazon Prime and Starz apps.

Where to Watch it:

4. Fast Food Nation (2006)

A scene from the movie 'Fast Food Nation'

In a world where millions of people’s meals are only a drive-thru or app order away, Fast Food Nation is essential food-related viewing. Based on Eric Schlosser’s best-selling book, the comedy-drama takes an inside look at the inner workings of the meat processing plant responsible for producing The Big One, a popular menu item at a thriving fast-food chain.

A group of researchers detects fecal matter in the main meat supply, leading to multiple revelations about the production process, from the food itself to food service workers and the environmental impact.

Where to Watch It:

5. Soul Food (1997)

A scene from the movie 'Soul Food'

Told from the perspective of 11-year-old Ahmad, Soul Food chronicles a Chicago family forced to address brewing tensions that come to a head when the matriarch falls ill, an event that threatens to derail a 40-year family tradition of gathering for Sunday dinner. 

Between the scrumptious food prep scenes and the nail-biting drama, you’ll want to have your own plate of food on hand to properly enjoy this classic.

Where to Watch It:

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6. Tampopo (1985)

The poster for the movie 'Tampopo'

If we had to choose a food that elicits laughter and satisfies a craving for ramen, it would absolutely be Tampopo. A truck owner offers fate-altering advice to the owner of a struggling family-owned noodle shop on improving her fare; meanwhile, a series of culinary vignettes unfolds, including a plot involving a gangster and the erotic food exploits he embarks upon with his lover.

Where to Watch It:

7. Almost Christmas (2016)

A scene from the movie 'Almost Christmas'

This heartwarming comedy-drama revolves around Walter (Danny Glover), a recent widower preparing to host the first Christmas gathering without his wife. His no-nonsense sister-in-law (Mo’Nique) wields her words and worldly recipes like a weapon, while Walter’s children feud and deal with career challenges and secret addictions. Meanwhile, Walter desperately tries to recreate his late wife’s famous sweet potato pie.

Where to Watch it:

8. Another Round (2020)

A scene from the movie 'Another Round'
Photo courtesy of Lifestyle Pictures / Alamy

In this Oscar-winning film inspired by Danish drinking culture, a group of four teachers attending a 40th birthday dinner decides to test psychiatrist Finn Skårderud’s theory that humans are born with a blood alcohol content (BAC) deficiency.

The theory suggests that a bit of daily imbibing increases one’s creativity and relaxation, and ultimately their quality of life. The consequences of their experiment force each of them to take a sober look at their lives.  

Where to Watch it:

Published on December 28, 2021
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