8 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Wine Lovers

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner. When thinking about what to get the wine lovers in your life, consider pairing a bottle with a wine-adjacent gift. Here, drinks professionals share eight wine gifts that they plan to give or hope to receive.

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Insulated Ice Bucket

“At Grapefruit Wines, we’re all about a vintage ice bucket,” says Sage Redman, wine buyer at Grapefruit Wines in Hudson, New York. “Not only do many of them line our shelves for festive adornment, we also find ourselves reaching for them often. Utility meets kitsch, it’s the perfect vessel for chilling those V-day sparkles.”

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Champagne Stopper

“Not everyone can finish their Valentine’s bubbles in one pass,” says Elissa Mcquaid, owner of WineSkipping, a California-based wine club that focuses on small producers. “When you want to keep the bubbles bubbly for more than one day, you need a Champagne stopper like this. It will keep your bubbles fresh for up to 72 hours at a very reasonable price. If you want to keep it bubbly even longer, this design can go up to 96 hours but it costs a good deal more.”

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The One Straw Revolution

“In 2022, what’s more romantic than a sustainable future? The farming approach of Masanobu Fukuoka is one which inspires us, not only for its environmental goals, but for its view of farming in the context of a life well-lived,” says Marlen Sosa-Porter, co-owner of California-based Amplify Wines. “His is a farming in thoughtful contrast to the rigors of much modern agriculture, leaving time to ‘write a haiku, or compose a song.’ A quick read, The One Straw Revolution will leave the natural wine drinkers in your life inspired and informed.”

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Peter Liem’s Champagne Boxed Book and Map Set

“I love this set because it’s a beautiful book physically, the information is incredibly well researched and it’s well written and well organized,” says Emily Smith, winemaker at R.A.S. Wines in Maine. “It’s about Champagne, so it’s automatically suitable for Valentine’s Day, but it’s perfect for someone who loves bubbles and wants to take that emotional connection to the next level. It blows your mind and makes you re-fall in love with Champagne, and re-falling-in-love is maybe what Valentine’s Day should be about!”

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BAGGU Nylon Wine

“As someone who often has a bottle of wine with me, or will likely end up with one, I love to keep the Baggu wine totes on hand,” says Sophie Kzirian, head of sales and operations at Violette Wine Imports in Cambridge, Massachusetts. “The patterns are super fun, and you can easily tuck one away in your pocket to pull out when a wine emergency ensues.”

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The Wine Bible

“Karen MacNeil’s The Wine Bible was my first serious wine book, and is still my favorite some 15 years later,” says Nikaline Iacono, owner of Vessel and Vine in Brunswick, Maine. “She eloquently captures the emotion one feels when falling in love with a subject for the first time, all while comprehensively laying out the major wine regions and grapes of the world, and going into depth on how wine is made, and how to taste it. It is still my number one go-to reference, and the book I give any new employee that is starting out their very own romantic journey with wine.”

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The Original Wine Condoms

“The Original Wine Condoms are an absolute house favorite,” says Sunshine Foss, owner of Happy Cork Wine & Spirits Store in Brooklyn, New York. “This protective wine covering was invented by a mother-son duo and is the ultimate in wine protection and preservation. Functional and funny, it’s sure to put a smile or awkward expression on even the most uptight wine snob’s face! We love to see wine as accessible especially if that means making it as fun as possible!”

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“I’m a sucker for mementos,” says Margot Mazur, wine writer for The Fizz. “When I drink a bottle of wine on a particularly eventful day—my sister’s wedding, for example, or a friend’s birthday celebration, I carefully remove the wine label and add it to a scrapbook. This scrapbook album has photo protector plastic that works great to protect older wine labels. Keeping these labels lets me relive memories of years past, and helps connect the flavor of wines with the people and places I love.”

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Published on January 24, 2022
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