Sip or Mix: 12 Favorite Gins For Every Budget

Two glasses of Gin Tonic with rosemary and cucumber

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Gin is the key ingredient to some of the most iconic, classic cocktails, from the Negroni and French 75 to James Bond’s martini.

Originating in the Netherlands, gin derives its name from the Dutch word genever, which means juniper—the spirit’s defining ingredient, which lends its signature pine-like flavor. Unlike its cousin, vodka, which traditionally strives for crisp neutrality, gin is complex. Most variations have a minimum of ten botanicals, with some leaning bright and citrusy while others express more herbal flavor.

Produced around the world, gin can be found in a variety of price points. Whether you are looking for the perfect bottle for a Tom Collins or sipping it on the rocks, there’s one for every taste and budget.

Here are 12 of our favorites, all under $50.

Under $30

Bottle of Citadelle Gin Jardin D'Ete
Courtesy of Drizly

Citadelle Jardin d’Été; $25. Buy on Drizly. The name of this newcomer, launched in April 2021, means “summer garden… SEE SCORE AND REVIEW

Bottle of Wildwood Kur Gin
Courtesy of Total Wine & More

Kur Gin; $28. Buy on Total Wine & More. The mild aroma offers faint lime peel. That lime note is amplified on the slightly sweet palate… SEE SCORE AND REVIEW

Bottle of Malfy Gin Con Limone
Courtesy of Drizly

Malfy Gin Con Limone; $28. Buy on Drizly. Clear in the glass, this flavored gin, made with Italian lemons, offers gentle lemon and grapefruit peel aromas… SEE SCORE AND REVIEW

Bottle of Chankaska Ranch Road Gin
Courtesy of Total Wine & More

Ranch Road Barrel Gin; $20. Buy on Total Wine & More. Look for a burnished gold hue and citrus and butterscotch aromas… SEE SCORE AND REVIEW

Under $40

Bottle of Darnley's View London Dry Gin
Courtesy of Drizly

Darnley’s View London Dry Gin; $30. Buy on Drizly. The mild, citrus aroma leads into a bouncy lemon palate that finishes clean, with brisk lemon-pepper heat… SEE SCORE AND REVIEW

Bottle of Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin
Courtesy of Drizly

Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin; $39. Buy on Drizly. Nuanced coriander and pink peppercorn aromas are enticing… SEE SCORE AND REVIEW

Bottle of Listoke 1777 Irish Small Batch Irish Gin
Courtesy of

Listoke 1777 Irish Gin; $39. Find on Wine-Searcher. Comforting gingerbread-like aromas channel allspice, anise and a hint of molasses. The palate is a bit brighter, opening with lemon verbena and pine forest… SEE SCORE AND REVIEW

Bottle of Yu Gin
Courtesy of Drizly

Yu Gin; $32. Buy on Drizly. This citrusy gin, made with yuzu and Sichuan pepper, hails from France’s Cognac region. The mild aroma whispers lemon peel—the palate shouts it… SEE SCORE AND REVIEW

Under $50

Bottle of By the Dutch Dry Gin
Courtesy of

By the Dutch Dry Gin; $49. Find on Wine-Searcher. Sweet aromas suggest grapefruit peel and raspberry… SEE SCORE AND REVIEW

Bottle of NOLET'S Silver Gin
Courtesy of Drizly

Nolet’s Silver Gin; $49. Buy on Drizly. Look for a pale straw hue and floral aromas intertwined with a hint of fruity sweetness… SEE SCORE AND REVIEW

Bottle of Rétha Oceanic Gin
Courtesy of Drizly

Rétha Oceanic Gin; $45. Buy on Drizly. Crisp and slightly vegetal, this nuanced gin opens with bright fennel and citrus then rounds into mouthwatering white pepper, anise and coriander… SEE SCORE AND REVIEW

Bottle of Salcombe Gin 'Rosé Sainte Marie'
Courtesy of Drizly

Salcombe Gin Rosé Sainte Marie; $40. Buy on Drizly. The bottle is tinted blush pink, but the liquid inside is crystal clear. Grapefruit peel and juniper lead the nose… SEE SCORE AND REVIEW

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Published on March 16, 2022
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