40 Under 40 2017

Photos by Scott McDermott

We’re excited to announce the Wine Enthusiast Top 40 Under 40 Tastemakers of 2017!

Join us, and meet the trailblazers who are shaping the future of wine, beer, cider and spirits in America. These winemakers, grape growers, retailers, bartenders, educators and more are redefining the alcohol beverage industry as we know it.

With an eye on innovation and an impulse to constantly reach for the horizon, each of these honorees is doing their part to lead the conversation and leave a lasting influence on the world of food and drink for generations to come.

Ariel Arce, 29>
Josiah Baldivino, 35, and Stevie Stacionis, 34>
Sam Bilbro, 35>
Scot Bilbro, 38>
Ryan Burk, 36>
Cheryl Collins, 35>
Dante Colombatti, 33>
Brianne Day, 35>
David Dolginow, 31, and Colin Davis, 36>
Mikey Giugni, 29>
Courtenay Greenleaf, 37>
Melissa Heim, 34>
Juyoung Kang, 38>
Alicia Kemper, 31>
Pauline Lhote, 34>
Tawnie Logan, 35>
Patrick Mata, 39>
Ryan Mauban, 37>
Jon McDaniel, 34>
Cleo Pahlmeyer, 34>
Emily Parker, 30>
Devin Parr, 38>
Joel Perez, 35>
Chris Poldoian, 26>
Lucas Pope, 35>
Lyle Railsback, 36>
Kyle Schlachter, 36>
Henri Schock, 33, and Soni Davé-Schock, 36>
Justin Seidenfeld, 34>
Cheryl Stanley, 38>
Stacie Stewart, 36>
Micah Suderman, 34>
Ashley Teplin, 37>
Sam Timberg, 33>
Matt Tocco, 33>
Masa Urushido, 32>
Adam Vavrick, 34>
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