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Argentina's Got Range


As the eighth-largest country on the planet, Argentina has a wealth of natural diversity featuring different climates, geographies and cultures that combine to produce an outstanding wine industry. Argentina’s rich viticultural heritage encompasses most of the most famous grapes as well as a valuable cluster of native varieties. While it is home to some of the highest and most southerly vineyards in the world, the different styles being developed by producers offer a further dimension of a unique experience. Argentina offers a mosaic as wide as they are exciting and the amplitude of its wines is immense.

With its focus on innovation, today Argentine wine is a very inclusive sector in terms of gender and environmental initiatives with a diverse range of stakeholders and trends for the future. Moreover, thanks to the natural conditions of terroir and the hard work of vineyard technicians, more and more wineries are implementing protocols to promote sustainability, biodynamic practices and natural management of vines.

Argentina is also world-famous for its Malbec. It’s the most widely consumed Argentine variety domestically and overseas and Argentina also offers the greatest range in terms of Malbec terroirs, a characteristic that comes out in the glass: some are fresh and skinny, others muscular with a sizeable body and there’s a rich tapestry of subtle differences in between.

While Malbec vineyards spread across the world, Argentina is working to make its Malbecs even more precise, exploring all of its terroirs and expanding its range with new styles. Thanks to the grape’s malleability and the ongoing research and experimentation of winemakers and agricultural engineers, there are plenty of new facets of Malbec waiting to be discovered.

It is not possible to understand the wide range of Malbec Argentino without exploring the Andes and the effects of altitude. Not many countries in the world can boast altitude as a condition of terroir, and they certainly tend to be the exception rather than the rule. There’s a whole new topography of varying tastes, freshness and tannins which are new to Malbec Argentino. This year, the 12th edition of Malbec World Day sought to demonstrate why Malbec Argentino’s Got Range.

While Argentina can be summed up with its Malbecs, they really are just one of many different options that can be obtained in the country. In fact, Argentina is synonymous with diversity. Argentina’s got range! There is an Argentine wine for every taste. Discover yours. Try #VinoArgentino.

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Published on May 10, 2022
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