Winemag Winemag Illustration by Eric DeFreitas

For wine lovers who cut their teeth on traditional bottlings, the natty world can feel a bit intimidating, as if all the rules you know no longer apply. We sought out stores that not only have great and thoughtful selections, but are also warm and welcoming to drinkers who are new to natural wine or to wine in general.

Dedalus Wine Shop, Market & Wine Bar

Burlington, VT

In a community that’s become a hub for cideries, breweries, cheesemakers and intrepid winemakers like La Garagista and Zafa, Dedalus stands at the center. In addition to selling and supporting local brands, the shop has a wide and well-priced selection of small-producer wines primarily from the Old World and U.S.

Domaine LA

Los Angeles

This woman-owned shop is known to have bottles that are hard to find elsewhere. Its selection is wide in scope, but has a common thread of minimal-intervention, small-producer wines, making it a haven for natty wine lovers from all over.

In many ways, Georgia is natural wine’s spiritual home. Visit to learn more.

Domestique Wine

Washington, D.C.

With search options like sulfur-free and woman-produced, this wide-ranging store serves all types of natty consumers with domestic and Old World wines, as well as natural-leaning ciders, sakés and spirits. Co-owned by importer Selection Massale, Domestique offered free bottles to restaurant workers during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Graft Wine Shop

Charleston, SC

While not technically a natural wine shop, Graft stocks a great selection of natty bottles that’s worthy of recognition. Co-owned by former 40 Under 40 honoree Femi Oyediran, this store is all about accessibility. It offers plenty of mass market wines that serve as an entry point to both the low-intervention selections and classic fine wines in stock.

Primal Wine


It can be a challenge to find out which natural wines are distributed in your state. Primal Wine, as an online shop, removes the guesswork. It’s got a large selection and provides helpful information about which wines are biodynamic, organic, sulfur-free or even vegan, as well as how to pair them.