Winemag Winemag Illustration by Eric DeFreitas

Value doesn’t just apply to low prices, but the quality of wine you’re getting for the cost. Through white label selections, distributor relationships or both, the retailers listed here are able to offer good wines for very little.



This German supermarket chain made a splash when its house label $8 Côtes de Provence rosé won an International Wine Challenge award. The chain has more up its sleeve, though, with wines ranging from Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir to New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, some of which have been awarded W.E.’s Best Buy designation.

Bottle King

New Jersey

With 15 locations in New Jersey, this chain is somewhat of a local hidden gem. It keeps prices low through bulk buying and offers a large selection of craft beer in addition to wine. What makes it a favorite, though, is customer service akin to a high-end shop.

In 2017, the average cost of a bottle of wine in the U.S. topped $10 for the first time.



As with its food, Costco keeps wine and liquor prices low by selling them with very little markup and making up the difference through its membership fees. While there are higher-end, name-brand wines available at a discount, this store’s selection really shines in the under $20 range, especially, its house Kirkland Signature label.

Grocery Outlet


At more than 300 stores, with most in California, Oregon and Washington, this chain sells surplus goods at deep discounts. Look for name brand wines at dramatically reduced prices, sometimes under $5. Restaurateurs are known to pick up bottles there on the cheap from time to time.

Spec’s Wine, Spirits & Finer Foods


Everything’s bigger in Texas, and this statewide chain is no exception. The stores and the selections are huge (40,000 labels of wine, beer, spirits and fine foods), but the prices are not. Daily 11-hour sales on specific items add to the excitement and savings.