Home for the Holidays Gift Guide

Spending the holidays at home with family or friends: there’s something indescribably cozy about it. Whether watching movies, reading books, playing games or lingering over meals with wine, relaxation is the order of the day. These gifts will help you embrace that. —Photos by Beth Galton

  1. The Wine Deck | libastyle.com; $16

    Drinking wine is fun. The Wine Deck makes learning all the nitty-gritty facts a good time, too.

    Dinner at the Long Table (Penguin Random House, 2016) | penguinrandomhouse.com; $40

    Dinner at the Long Table (Penguin Random House, 2016), written by Andrew Tarlow and Anna Dunn, offers recipes and menus to turn meals into celebrations.

    Phone Cases | society6.com; $35

    Most people feel their smartphones are as important as air or wine. Keep it safe with a hard case that lets others know the holder’s interests.

  2. Duo Coffee Steeper | fellowproducts.com; $99

    If you like French press or pour-over coffee without the mess or wait, try the Duo Coffee Steeper.

    Modern Times Coffee | moderntimesmerch.com; $15

    Modern Times is a brewery that also roasts coffee. Its Black House Ethiopian blend beans yield a cup that is smooth and roasty. It’s perfect for the morning after you’ve had a few too many.

    Stainless Steel Teapot | worldmarket.com; $30

    The hammered metal and rustic wood top gives this Stainless Steel Teapot a look that will add some excitement to teatime.

  3. Wine Punt Cannisters | winepunts.com; $14-$41

    Wine bottles are recycled into Wine Punt Canisters and sealed with cork lids, a great gift for the wine lover with a well-stocked kitchen.

    Frittle | newfangled-confections.myshopify.com; $5–$17

    Bite-sized Frittle has all the old-timey good flavor of peanut brittle without the tooth-breaking capabilities. It’s perfect for stuffing in one of the DENY Designs stockings below.

  4. Zenology Long-Stem Wine Glasses | wineenthusiast.com; $60

    Zenology Long-Stem Wineglasses have the look and quality of fancy drinkware for a price that won’t drive you to drink.

    Duo Wine Carrier | greatusefulstuff.com; $35

    When one bottle isn’t enough, the sturdy and stylish Duo Wine Carrier helps safely tote two bottles.

    Riedel Ayam Decanter | wineenthusiast.com; $425

    This 260th-anniversary offering from Riedel looks great sitting on the table, or, if you’re brave, hanging from the edge of it. Either way, it will aerate wine as it’s being poured in and out.

  5. Crest Bottle Opener | fsobjects.com; $60

    It’s easier to find your bottle opener if it’s always on display, which the Crest Bottle Opener undoubtedly will be.

    Reversible Can & Bottle Koozies | food52.com; $16–$42

    Foam can koozies are practical, but not great looking. These Reversible Koozies, with adjustable Velcro closures to accommodate cans or bottles, do the job in style.

  6. Small Victories (Chronicle Books, 2016) | chroniclebooks.com; $35

    For anyone resolved to cook more in 2017, Small Victories (Chronicle Books, 2016) can help. Julia Turshen’s cookbook is full of encouragement and good food. Recipe variations will also keep more experienced cooks engaged.

    The New England Kitchen (Rizzoli, 2014) | rizzoliusa.com; $40

    Fresh, simple flavors meet contemporary cooking in Chef Jeremy Sewall’s ode to New England cuisine. Recipes are paired with informative how-to sections, for the adventurous home cook who wants to study up on how to eat a lobster or cure bacon while their creamy oyster stew is simmering away.

    Colonial Spirits (Harry N. Abrams, 2016) | abramsbooks.com; $25

    As much a fun, historical read as a practical cocktail recipe book, Colonial Spirits (Harry N. Abrams, 2016) is a good gift for cuddling up on the couch or cozying up to the bar. | abramsbooks.com; $25

  7. DENY Designs Stocking | denydesigns.com; $24

    If red-and-green embroidery isn’t your holiday aesthetic, hang a DENY Designs Stocking from the mantle.

    Link Cashmere Throw | kumikookoon.com; $488

    For the warmest, coziest nights on the sofa, splurge on a Link Cashmere Throw.

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Published on November 21, 2016