Tropic Plunder Gift Guide

Close your eyes, hear the waves and feel the sand between your toes, the sun on your face. Now open them and there’s a travel-ready, beach-themed gift at your fingertips. If you’re looking for a gift to give while on holiday somewhere warm—or want to evoke that feeling at home—these presents will do the trick. —Photos by Beth Galton

  1. B.G. Reynolds Mai Tai, Falernum and Orgeat Mixers |; $10-$20

    Essential to a good tiki cocktail is a good syrup like mai tai mixer, falernum or orgeat. Blair Reynolds, the bartender behind B.G. Reynolds, makes them so you don’t have to.

    Colored Glass Bent Straws |; $25

    You can’t have a proper tropical beverage without a colorful straw. Dispose of the plastic ones and replace them with Hummingbird Colored Bent Glass Straws.

    ¡Cuba! (Penguin Random House, 2016) |; $30

    For culinary travelers who can’t make it to Cuba, ¡Cuba! (Penguin Random House, 2016) brings the island’s food home.

  2. Lecia X-U |; $2,950

    The quality of a Leica camera is now available in a shatterproof, waterproof X-U model.

    Atlas Obscura (Workman Publishing, 2016) |; $35

    A perfect travel companion, Atlas Obscura (Workman Publishing, 2016) explores 700 natural wonders, great works of architecture, quirky festivals and more from around the world.

    Small Batch Whiskey Glass |; $28

    The broad base and tapered mouth of Small Batch Whiskey Glasses make them ideal for expressing your finest brown liquor.

  3. Pocket Knife and Charcuterie Duo |; $30

    Smoked salami plus an Opinel folding knife equal the perfect gift for people who like to snack: a Pocket Knife and Charcuterie Duo.

    Colorstripe Floor Blanket |; $68

    Recycled cotton makes a sturdy-yet-soft throw, floor mat or picnic blanket. No two Colorstripe Floor Blankets are the same.

    Goverre Stemless Portable Wine Glass |; $24

    Most on-the-go drinking vessels are not ideal for wine, but the Goverre Stemless Portable Wine Glass is opaque glass covered in protective silicone, with an easy-to-close lid to avoid spills.

  4. Handmade Tea Light |; $32

    The bright pattern on the Handmade Tea Light comes from hand-cut tissue paper, featuring a lot of craftsmanship for a little price.

    Ultimate Travel Coloring Books (Lonely Planet Publications, 2016) |; $15

    Coloring books continue to capture the attention of the young and young at heart as both an expression of creativity and alternate form of meditation and stress-relief. The Ultimate Travel Coloring Book lets you plan your next trip by coloring the world any way you see fit.

    Corkcicle Tumbler |; $25-$30

    If you need a larger pour than the Goverre can hold, the Corkcicle Tumbler has you covered. It keeps drinks cold for 12 hours, and its clear lid lets you see what’s left inside.

  5. Salt & Pepper No. 10 |; $85

    A scented candle, coconut bath soak and sweet treats make up a new, more sophisticated gift basket in Salt & Pepper No. 10.

  6. Dude, Sweet Chocolate Tequila-Spiked Chocolate Sauce |; $15

    Tequila is good. Chocolate is good. Put them together, and you have Dude, Sweet Chocolate Sauce, which might be the best new thing for topping ice cream.

    Gold Foil Coasters |; $13

    Up the ambiance of your next tropical cocktail hour while saving your table from unsightly spills with these gold-foil stamped coasters. With decorations ranging from flamingos, pineapples and tiki totems, these miniature pieces of art are the perfect landing pad for any Caribbean cocktail (decorative umbrellas not included).

    Pineapple Shot Glass Set |; $35

    Don’t let anyone tell you that shots aren’t classy. They are when you enjoy them out of these little brass, lidded Pineapple Shot Glass Set.

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Published on November 21, 2016