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Wine and Spirits Submission Guidelines for our Wine and Spirits Review Programs.

If you’re interested in contributing to Wine Enthusiast Magazine or Wine Enthusiast Online, please read our submission guidelines.

Wine Enthusiast Media

Wine Enthusiast
200 Summit Lake Drive
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Publisher & Editor
Adam Strum

Vice President of Publishing Wine Enthusiast Media
Jay Spaleta

Executive Editor
Susan Kostrzewa

Managing Editor
Lauren Buzzeo

Senior Editor
Layla Schlack

Associate Editor
Sarah E. Daniels

Digital Content Director
Marina Vataj

Senior Digital Editors
Dylan Garret, Siobhan Wallace

Assistant Digital Editor
Kristen Richard

Social Media Manager
Elyse Estrella

Tasting Director
Alexander Peartree

Assistant Tasting Director
Fiona Adams

Assistant Tasting Coordinator
Craig Chamberlain

European Editor
Roger Voss

Italian Editor
Kerin O’Keefe

Contributing Editor (Oregon and Canada)
Paul Gregutt

Contributing Editor (Washington and Idaho)
Sean S. Sullivan

Contributing Editor (South America, Spain)
Michael Schachner

Contributing Editor (Austria)
Anne Krebiehl

Contributing Editor (CA)
Virginie Boone

Contributing Editor (CA)
Jim Gordon

Contributing Editor (CA)
Matt Kettmann 

Contributing Editor (Rhône Valley, Germany)
Anna Lee C. Iijima

Contributing Editor (Australia and New Zealand)
Christina Pickard

Contributing Editors, Lifestyle & Entertaining
Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen

Spirits Editor
Kara Newman

Contributing Editor, Food
Nils Bernstein

Contributing Editor, Travel
Lauren Mowery

Writing And Photography Submission Guidelines

Wine Enthusiast Magazine welcomes proposals from freelance writers on subjects that pertain to wine, fine food and travel. Full manuscripts on spec are discouraged. Proposals can be submitted via email. A proposal only needs to be one or two paragraphs, but it should be accompanied by materials (a resume, curriculum vitae or clips) intended to convince the editors of the submitter’s qualifications to write that particular piece.

Submitters should be cautioned that Wine Enthusiast Magazine receives hundreds of proposals a year, and employs contributing editors in wine regions around the world who also propose story concepts. There is often a discernible overlap in specific proposals and general subject matter. At the same time, be assured that the editors will assign a story to the first qualified writer who proposes it.

You may also pitch story ideas for For example, ideas that you might have thought were too time-sensitive for a monthly magazine will now be considered. The editors will discuss all proposed story ideas internally, and decide whether the idea will work for the magazine, for the Web site or (we regret to inform you…) neither.

For efficiency’s sake, pitch the correct person(s). Phone pitches are not accepted.

For short front-of-book items*, feature stories aimed at the Pairings department or short back-of-book stories**, write to Senior Editor, Layla Schlack.

For Web items*, write to Digital Content Director Marina Vataj.

* Subject matter for the front of the magazine and the website includes global wine-region news, particularly controversies and innovations; short profiles and Q&As (accent on celebrities or popular personalities); creative food and drink recipes; cool merchandise related to wine, food or travel; trend pieces using several wineries, restaurants, hotels or destinations as examples; statistics; notable quotes.

** Back of book stories (anywhere from 300 to 600 words) can be humorous or serious personal essays about interactions with wine, wine travel or the wine industry.

If unsure who to pitch on a particular idea, please send via email to

For queries regarding photography submissions, contact Photo Director Megan Baggott.


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Vice President of Publishing, Wine Enthusiast Media
Jay Spaleta
200 Summit Lake Drive
Valhalla, NY 10595
914.345.9463 x4611
Mobile: 845.803.7517
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Allison Langhoff
413-A Washington Boulevard
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Fax: 866.896.7961

West Coast Account Manager
Karen Moore
19163 Garrison Avenue
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Florida & Buying Guide Manager
Denise Valenza
17846 Mission Oak Drive
Lithia, FL 33547
Fax: 866.896.8786

Sales Marketing Director
Brett Rachlin
200 Summit Lake Drive
Valhalla, NY 10595
914.345.9463 x4620
Mobile: 914.598.3745

Sales and Marketing Coordinator
Jill Oakley
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Digital Advertising Director
Greg Remillard
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914-345-9463 x4607

Digital Advertising Sales Coordinator
Bridget Thomas
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NY Account Manager
Margaret Kalaher
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Valhalla, NY 10595
Mobile: 845.654.1420
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Fax: 866.950.2549

Director, Special Projects & Events
Director, Importer Connection
Jen Cortellini
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Mobile: 845.803.7233
914.345.9463 x4126

Events Assistant
Jennifer Sullivan
200 Summit Lake Drive
Valhalla, NY 10595
914.345.9463 x4601

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