Wine never goes out of fashion, and now fashion influencers are getting into wine.

From top designers and globe-trotting models to photographers bringing beauty to life, the world’s most stylish have a serious taste for the vine and are, in many cases, doing double business duty in both worlds. And why not? Equal parts science and art, both wine and fashion transport us to another time, place and culture, with texture, ageability, color and structure describing the best of cloth and bottle. So raise a glass to the marriage of style and stems—a beautiful pairing indeed.

One-on-One with Supermodel Veronica Webb

The runway model, lifestyle and beauty icon sits down to talk wine, fashion and French fries with Wine Enthusiast.

Fashion Icon Rebecca Minkoff on Love Beyond Design

Since debuting her first handbag in 2004, Rebecca Minkoff designs have spread to more than 900 stores. She reveals her new wine-fashion project, and more.

Your Illustrated Guide to Pairing Fashion and Wine

Armani, Versace, Wang, Gaultier—we check out eight designers and find the wine that suits their style. Also, which fashion icons have turned winemakers?

Fashion Star Christian Siriano Tells All

The internationally renowned designer fills us in on New York City life, dinner party tips and the inspiration for his new bottle design for Ecco Domani.

Photographer Liz Von Hoene Talks Wine and Whimsy

The acclaimed fashion photographer tells us her tips on entertaining at home and how a photo shoot and dinner party have more in common than you’d think.

How Michele Ouellet Went from Model to Winemaker

The Napa Valley native shares how growing up in wine country created a path from fashion icon to founder/part-owner of Lorenza Wine Company.

What We Wore and What We Drank, Decade by Decade

Trends change with the decades in wine as well as fashion. Take a photographic journey through 50 years of style, straw-wrapped Chianti bottles included.

Nine Wine-Inspired Fashion and Beauty Finds

These top-shelf products are making a splash in the fashion scene. See what wine related fashion products you should keep an eye out for.

Salvatore Ferragamo, Winery Owner and Fashion Leader

We talk to the heir of the storied Ferragamo fashion empire, who replanted the family’s Il Borro vineyard and has been releasing Tuscan wines since 1999.

Designer Maria Cornejo on Fashion & Love of Wine

After being forced from her native home of Chile at age 12, forward-thinking designer Maria Cornejo looks at wines of her past and what the future holds.

Style Curator Joey Wölffer on the Acclaimed Wölffer Estate

We talk with designer and creator of mobile luxury boutique Styleliner—also co-owner of one of Long Island’s most lauded wineries, Wölffer Estate Vineyard.

Alain Dominique Perrin on Where Art and Wine Merge

From luxury accessories to producing one of the world’s best Malbecs, Château Lagrézette, we ask this industry titan about the intersection of wine and art.

Designer Richard Hirsh Chats About Working Malibu’s Vines

From a start in a clothing store on Sunset Boulevard in the 1960s to planting vineyards in the 1990s, this designer has been on the leading edge.

Five Must-Visit Fashion Cities for the Wine Lover

Here is where to drink wine (and more) in the world’s leading centers of fashion and style: New York, London, Paris, Milan and Tokyo.