Less Booze, Full Flavor: Seven Low-ABV Cocktails for Day Drinking or Long Nights

Split panel shot of Kir in a Champagne flute, and Campari Sun cocktail in Miller High Life bottle
Left: Getty / Right: Jens Johnson

We love full-strength drinks and heavy-handed pours, but certain occasions call for moderation. Whether you’re looking for something that fits an afternoon of day-sipping, or are simply in the mood for a refreshing drink without too much punch, here are seven cocktails to get you started and keep you going.

A classic Kir cocktail / Getty
The Classic Kir Cocktail

This simple, elegant, two-ingredient classic cocktail is both the perfect apéritif, and a great way to use your leftover white wine.

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Dripping Springs Spritzer, photo by Daniel Krieger
Photo by Daniel Krieger
Dripping Springs Spritzer

This refreshing spritzer from Grand Army Bar in Brooklyn, NY, uses a splash of Ricard and St-Germain to bring life to a combination of sparkling wine, seltzer and vermouth.

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Cynar Mint Julep cocktail
Photo by Tom Arena
The Low-Proof Mint Julep Recipe

This low-alcohol version of a classic Mint Julep cocktail recipe features Cynar, an Italian amaro, rather than full-strength Bourbon.

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Photo by Tom Arena
The Amaro Highball Recipe

Italy's best amaro are often served as after-dinner drinks, but Montenegro Amaro meets aperitivo hour in this simple highball cocktail recipe.

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Photo by Tom Arena
An Easy-Drinking, Low-Proof Daiquiri Recipe

Manzanilla Sherry takes the place of rum in this lower-alcohol alternative to a full-strength Daiquiri—a "Snaiquiri," if you will.

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A pink fizzy drink with a lemon twist in a flute on a wood table
Photo courtesy Bookstore Bar & Café
Lavender 75

This cockail, from Seattle's Bookstore Bar & Café, is a take on the French 75. It still has sparkling wine, but the gin is replaced with lavender syrup.

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Campari Sun cocktail in Miller HIgh Life bottles
Photo by Jens Johnson
Campari Sun

Highbrow meets High Life in this summery cocktail, based off a combination dubbed the “Camparty,” where Campari is added to beer.

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Published on October 6, 2021