Eight Simple Cocktail Recipes Using Fortified Wine

Split image of white port cocktail and a bottle of port with punch
Left: Julia Child Sherry Cocktail / Right: 10-Year Tawny Port, Photo by Meg Baggott, styling by Julia Lea

Fortified wine has a long history in cocktails. While the most well-known is vermouth, which is used in cocktails from the Negroni to the Manhattan, other types of fortified wine can also take a starring roll in your drinks.

Whether tawny Port, Madeira or sherry, you can get new life out of leftover bottles of fortified wine, and give cocktails a delicious upgrade not found with many other ingredients. Here are eight recipes to get you started.

Sherry drink called Up-to-Date Cocktail
Photo by Maddie Teren
Up-to-Date Sherry Cocktail

The nutty, not-so-sweet flavor of amontillado Sherry makes it ideal for mixing with the rye whiskey in this complex cocktail.

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A red drink in a rocks class wtih crushed ice and an orange slice
Photo by Meg Baggott / Styling by Julia Lea
St. Charles Punch

This Port-and-brandy variation of the classic New Orleans cocktail, the St. Charles Punch, will find fans in whiskey-sour lovers.

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Cousin Eddie cocktail
Photo by Tom Arena
A New Take On an Old Favorite: The Mezcal-Port Negroni

Try this interesting variation on the famed Negroni that uses the earthy flavors of mezcal with Port's sweetness for a fresh take.

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A sherry drink called Sherry Chamber 1
Photo by Tom Arena
The Perfect Low-ABV Sherry Cocktail

This low-alcohol cocktail, made with two types of Sherry and ripe pears, features an array of complex flavors. Get the recipe here.

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Photo by Tom Arena
The Port World Cup Cocktail

Loosely inspired by the Manila Hoop Punch, this Port cocktail mixes aged Jamaican rum, fresh lime juice and a few other ingredients for a delicious drink.

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Redd drink in a rounded martini, with an orange slice and cherry garnish
Photo by Meg Baggott / Styling by Julia Lea
The Fox Hunter Martini

Sommeliers Lilly & Greg DeForest Campbell created this variation of the Fox Hunter Martini with Bourbon, Port and sweet vermouth.

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Julia Child Sherry Drink
Photo courtesy ACME
Julia Child Sherry Cocktail

Made with fino—the driest style of Sherry— and Perry's Tot Navy Strength Gin, this martini-like cocktail is a refreshing sip.

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A coffee cocktail.
Photo by Katrin BjĂ–rk
The Classic Coffee Cocktail Recipe

This milkshake-like cocktail dates back to 1887 and curiously uses no coffee. Rather, Cognac and Port mimic the complexity of your morning pick-me-up.

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Published on December 29, 2021