Nine Classic Cocktails to Make With Leftover Vermouth

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You’ll probably have leftover bottles of wine, spirits and other cocktail ingredients after the holidays have come and gone. Fortunately, for those with vermouths on their bar cart, sweet, dry, and blanc or bianco bottles are versatile cocktail ingredients. Take note, this wine-based aperitif has an expiration date, even if you refrigerate it. Vermouth will last for two to three months refrigerated, but only a few weeks unrefrigerated. 

We could all use a little inspiration after the holiday season. While some folk will happily drink vermouth on its own, we’ve compiled a short list to help you get creative with your unfinished bottle of vermouth. 

From a classic Martini to the Rêver, here are nine cocktails made with sweet, dry and blanc vermouth to try.

Manhattan cocktail
Manhattan cocktail / Photo by Meg Baggott, styling by Dylan Garret
The Manhattan, A Cocktail That Stands the Test of Time

What is it about this combination of whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters that has elevated it to legendary cocktail status over the years?

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Boulevardier cocktail in glass with bottle of Campari
Photo by Sara Littlejohn / Styling by Dylan Garret
How to Make a Boulevardier

This popular whiskey-based take on a classic Negroni actually dates to 1927, though its combination of flavors has stood the test of time.

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Vieux Carré cocktail on blue tray with large ice cube and lemon twist
Vieux Carré / Photo by Tyler Zielinski
How to Make a Vieux Carré, the Quintessential New Orleans Cocktail

Often overshadowed by the Sazerac, the Vieux Carré combines Bourbon, Cognac and Bénédictine for a unique cocktail that stands with the best.

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An El Presidente Cuban cocktail on white background
El Presidente cocktail / Photo by Sara Littlejohn, styling by Dylan Garret
The El Presidente Classic Cocktail: A Cuban Manhattan

The Prohibition-era El Presidente shows that classic Cuban cocktails aren't all lime and mint. Learn how to mix this storied rum take on the Manhattan.

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Brooklyn Cocktail
Photo by Adrian Scottow / flickr
The Brooklyn

This classic cocktail is finally stepping out of the shadow of its more well-known New York sibling, the Manhattan.

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Classic vodka martini with lemon twist
Photo by Tom Arena
Classic Vodka Martini Recipe

Purists may scoff at a martini not made with gin, but vodka can actually help showcase well-made vermouth. Here's how to make a classic vodka martini right.

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Lupe Lamora Mezcal White Negroni
Photo by Tom Arena
Lupe Lamora a.k.a. Mezcal White Negroni

This riff on a riff uses mezcal to update a modern classic: the White Negroni. Two types of fortified wine meet mezcal and a bitter French apéritif.

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The Rever Cocktail
Photo by Todd Huffman
The RĂŞver Cocktail, A Dream of a Drink

French in name, tiki-inspired, created in Portland, Maine—this cocktail's herbal notes, aquavit and dash of pineapple will send you on a flight of fancy.

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White Manhattan
White Manhattan / Photo by Aaron Graubart
The White Manhattan Cocktail

This cocktail lies somewhere between a martini and a classic Manhattan, using Kentucky-made vodka created by a master whiskey distiller.

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Published on December 30, 2021