Six Recipes (and Tips) for Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Three non-alcoholic cocktails in composite photo
Photos by Kenji Toma; Getty

It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking part in Dry January, looking for a quick detox or just want something refreshing to sip without the alcohol. Boozeless drinks don’t have to be any less interesting, nuanced or delicious than their counterparts.

Below, we’ve got tips on building a sober bar, how to create a perfectly balanced nonalcoholic cocktail and some of our favorite recipes, including a virgin Bloody Mary that uses vinegar rather than vodka for a flavorful new dimension. Round that out with our favorite selections from a new generation of non-alcoholic beers, and you may even look forward to your next break from booze.

Gaby Mlynarczyk mixes non-alcoholic cocktail
Gaby Mlynarczyk/Photo by Eugene Lee
How to Make Balanced Non-Alcoholic Cocktails, According to Bartenders

How do you go about making elegant non-alcoholic cocktails, fit for an adult, at home? Read these tips from mixologists to find out!

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Cucumber Mint Lemonade Recipe
Kenji Toma
Cucumber-Mint Lemonade

Skip the store-bought lemonade and use fresh lemon juice for this non-alcoholic cocktail to add acidity, flavor and citrusy aroma.

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3 bottles of non-alchoholic beverages
Images Courtesy of Amazon, Borrago
Sober Curious? The 11 Best Non-Alcoholic Spirits to Try

“Great drinks don’t have to contain booze any more than great food has to contain meat.” We talk to bar pros about best non-alcoholic spirits to try.

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Nonalcoholic Bloody Mary in a pint glass
Mix Up This Non-Alcoholic Bloody Mary

The Gazpacho Mary is a delicious alternative to the boozier Bloody.

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Five cans of non-alcoholic beers
Photo by Tom Arena
Hazy IPAs, Smoky Stouts and Other Nonalcoholic Beers You’ll Actually Want to Drink

The latest wave of alcohol-free beer is so good you won’t know what you’re missing. Here are five cans you should seek out.

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Ms Jackson mocktail recipes
The Ms. Jackson Mocktail

This lemonade-based non-alcoholic concoction uses blackberry puree and an extra hit of lemon to bring a bit of Southern flavor to your Dry January.

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Published on January 2, 2021