Three Restaurant-Worthy Steaks to Make at Home

A photo of steak
Photo by Kate Sears

If ever there were a year to skip the holiday crowd and treat yourself and a loved one to a small, special homecooked meal, this is it. After all, you deserve the best for making it through 2020, so prepare an ultra premium cut of beef and, by all means, open a bottle of the good stuff. Three chefs have contributed their expertise to help you enjoy an intimate yet luxurious holiday.

Meat your maker

The recipes here are fairly simple, to ensure the steak is the star. Be sure to order the best you can from a high-quality local butcher or one of these purveyors.

Holy Grail Steak Co. 

Mr. Steak

Snake River Farms

Pat LaFrieda

Butcher Box

A photo of prime poterhouse steak
Photo by Kate Sears
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Beef tartare
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A photo of prime rib
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Published on December 5, 2020