• Uncured Smoked Duck Bacon.

    Uncured Smoked Duck Bacon

    Bacon lovers, rejoice! This artisan twist on their favorite breakfast meat is anything but average.


  • Jordan Winery Chef’s Reserve Caviar.

    Jordan Winery Chef’s Reserve Caviar

    This impressive white sturgeon caviar is sustainably sourced from the Sonoma coast and cured with a special salt blend.


  • Vinyl & Recipes Pairings Box.

    Vinyl & Recipes Pairings Box

    The ever-inventive Turntable Kitchen creates these pairings boxes to help you discover new favorite tunes while you dive into a homemade meal. Each box includes vinyl records, recipes and intriguing spices.

    Prices Vary

  • Movie Night Mouth Gift Kit.

    Movie Night Mouth Gift Kit

    You supply the movie, Mouth supplies the (artisanal, handcrafted, craveable, etc) snacks.


  • An olive oil dispenser.

    Olive Oil Dispenser

    Beauty and utility combine to form a double-walled olive oil dispenser they’ll want to show off.


  • Handcrafted measuring spoons.

    Handcrafted Measuring Spoons

    Each of these ceramic measuring spoon sets is crafted with care in the village of Bat Trang, Vietnam, famous for its traditional pottery.


  • Foodie dice.

    Foodie Dice

    Let them leave dinner up to Lady Luck with these laser-carved wood dice. Each die represents a different element of the meal, including proteins, cooking methods, carb choices, seasoning options and bonus ingredients.


  • Naturopathica Honey.

    Naturopathica Honey

    The sweetest way to give the gift of calm: This wildflower honey is infused with passionflower, chamomile, lavender and rose blossom.


  • Kobenstyle Saucepan.

    Kobenstyle Saucepan

    This stylish, two-quart saucepan has a clever lid that doubles as a trivet.


  • Sagaform spice bottles.

    Sagaform Spice Bottles

    These fine glass bottles topped with oak make for classic but contemporary storage for their kitchen’s most essential ingredients.


  • A sparrow salad bowl.

    Sparrow Salad Bowl

    This quirky salad bowl sports a set of sparrow-topped utensils that transform leafy greens into a nest of flavor.


  • Brushed spice jars.

    Brushed Spice Jars

    Spice storage that’s pretty enough to set out on the kitchen counter.


  • Marbletree salt cellar.

    Marbletree Salt Cellar

    White marble and acacia would combine to create one classy salt cellar.


  • Antidote chocolate bars.

    Antidote Chocolate Bars

    These premium bars are proof positive that chocolate is the ultimate cure-all. Available in a range of flavors and cocoa percentages, they’re wrapped up in pretty, gift-ready packaging, too.

    Prices Vary

  • Black truffle mustard.

    Black Truffle Mustard

    Give the most gourmet mustard of all with this rich-flavored French Dijon mustard infused with Chablis white wine from Burgundy and black truffles from Provence. (8.8 oz bottle)


  • Cinco Jotas 70g Box

    An ideal gift for the charcuterie lovers in your life, this collector’s edition box contains hand-carved Cinco Jotas Acorn-fed 100% Ibérico ham, loin and presa, bamboo tongs and a serving platter.


  •  Rosé Gummy Bears

    These candies are infused with wine (not artificial flavoring) to make grown-up gummies that’ll please any sweet tooth.