• A simple serving set.

    Simple Serving Set

    Simplistic shapes of solid brass construction make this serving set an impressive one.


  • A hammered metal serve platter.

    Hammered Metal Serving Platter

    What better way to serve it forth than with a classy aluminum platter that has its intended use (“SERVE”) engraved right into it?


  • An articulated bud vase display.

    Articulated Bud Vase Display

    Featuring 10 glass vases set into an interlocking chain of galvanized tin, this unique piece can be arranged in different shapes to match multiple styles of décor.


  • Blue shot glasses.

    Deco Blue Shot Glasses

    Each shot glass in this set of six features a neat design that’s both modern and vintage.


  • Splatter Wabi Sabi Serveware.

    Splatter Wabi Sabi Serveware

    Crimped edges and a cute pinch bowl compose this stoneware serve set that’s sure to please any whimsical host or hostess.


  • Chalkboard Table Runner

    This roll-up table runner will let their dinner-time creativity run free. Plus, accompanying dust-free chalk ensures any meal eaten on it will remain without, er, unwanted seasoning.

    Prices Vary

  • An Agate Cheese Serving Board.

    Agate Cheese Serving Board

    Sourced from Brazil and polished to a T, these boards are made of solid agate and display layers of quartz that vary from platter to platter.


  • Concrete bike coasters.

    Concrete Bike Coasters

    This set of coasters is hand-poured and hand-stamped with simplistic, bicycle-themed scenes.


  • Heide Martin Trivets.

    Heide Martin Trivets

    Durable but decorative wood trivets that feature a range of simple patterns, they can mix and match.


  • Event Dinner Plate set.

    Cooper Hewitt Coupe Plates

    Adorned with graphic designs by artists Josef Hoffmann and Koloman Moser, this set of patterned plates was created through a partnership with Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York City and notNeutral in Los Angeles.


  • Mini Cinema Lightbox.

    Mini Cinema Lightbox

    Coming soon to a home near you: This petite marquee will let them express themselves in an all-new, cinematic light.


  • Sunset Coasters.

    Sunset Coasters

    Custom-made in the Aloha State, these geometric coasters will bring a splash of sunset colors to their sitting room.


  • Monsieur & Madame Mugs.

    Monsieur & Madame Mugs

    Make their morning caffeine ritual more European with these fun mugs that feature illustrated French faces (even better if they drink French-pressed coffee).


  • Forest Friends Nesting Dolls.

    Forest Friends Nesting Dolls

    A throwback to favorite playthings of days gone by, these adorable nesting dolls are hand-painted in Russia and feature bold, black-and-white drawings of animals. (Please note: this is not a toy for children.)


  • Pastel Macaron Spoons.

    Pastel Macaron Spoons

    Pint-size spoons topped with pint-size sweets. Just like the namesake cookie, this set of six small spoons is ideal for coffee or tea.


  • Truro Platinum Glass Pitcher.

    Truro Platinum Glass Pitcher

    This elegant glass pitcher features a simple design of frosted brushstrokes and makes for an excellent complement to any batchable beverage.


  • Vetiver & Cardamom Apothecary Candle.

    Vetiver & Cardamom Apothecary Candle

    Poured into traditional-looking apothecary bottles, scents of crushed cardamom and eucalyptus mingle with sandalwood and cedar to create an aromatic remedy like no other.


  • Wine bottle candle.

    Wine Bottle Candles

    Light up their life with bottle-shaped candles that express aromas reminiscent of different grape varietals.


  • Gold Rimmed Bubble Glass Coupes.

    Gold Rimmed Bubble Glass Coupes

    Intricate, bubbled glass and a retro gold rim make this glassware an extra gorgeous gift.


  • Country Cottage Pearl Beverage Dispenser.

    Country Cottage Pearl Beverage Dispenser

    Featuring contoured glass and a bronze spigot, this classy carafe holds an impressive 2½ gallons of boozy punch, batched-up spritzes or other celebratory refreshers.


  • Copper Handled Flatware Set.

    Copper Handled Flatware Set

    Warm up their collection of flatware with these fancy-feeling utensils.