5 Destinations on The Los Alamos—Los Olivos Loop

A road next to a field in the Santa Ynez Valley.

The Santa Ynez Valley is the heart of Santa Barbara wine country, but that doesn’t mean it’s for adults only. This itinerary offers funky fun for all ages as well as unique places where wine lovers can relax.

Map of The Los AlamosLos Olivos Loop

Map of the Los Alamos-Los Olivos Loop.

 5 Places to Visit on The Los AlamosLos Olivos Loop

  1. Photo by Stian Rasmussen

    Los Alamos

    In this one-street town, food and drink options like Babi’s Beer Emporium are nestled between antiques stores. Pick up picnic supplies at Bob’s Well Bread or Bell Street Farm.

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    Foxen Canyon

    Drive bucolic Alisos Canyon into Foxen Canyon. Bring a picnic to Zaca Mesa Winery to pair with its Black Bear Block wine, made from the first Syrah vineyard planted in the county. Unwind with a game of outdoor chess, complete with oversized pieces.

  3. Photo by Stian Rasmussen

    Bubble Shack

    Sip on sparklers from the Fess Parker family in Los Olivos, an 1880s farming and ranching town that’s now home to wineries, galleries and shops.

  4. Photo by Stian Rasmussen.

    Chumash Casino Resort

    Recently expanded, this casino hosts headliners each week. You can also enjoy drinks on the gaming floors.

  5. Photo by Stian Rasmussen.

    OstrichLand USA

    In Buellton, all ages can enjoy wicked fun in feeding wacky ostriches and emus. You learn fun facts like how ostriches can run up to 45 mph, the fastest birds in the world.

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Published on July 20, 2017
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