Great American Beer Cities

Wicked Weed Tasting Room | Great American Breweries
Photo courtesy Wicked Weed

To truly see this country, visit a brewery. Gathered there are curious individuals of all ages, backgrounds and callings, sharing a communal love of beer. With more than 4,000 breweries in operation, your next pint is never far away, and these cities show the great diversity of flavors and cultures.

  1. Photo courtesy Rising Tide Brewery

    Portland, Maine

    Be a part of the community with every brewery you visit. Allagash Brewing Company is the best known, but you鈥檒l leave fans of Rising Tide and nearby Freeport鈥檚 Maine Beer Company. Everything tastes awesome with a fresh lobster roll.

  2. Photo courtesy Spreecher Brewery

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Start at Sprecher Brewery for samples of classic styles and inventive sodas. Drink local and sample the state鈥檚 finest dairy at the Wisconsin Cheese Mart. One of beer鈥檚 great experiences is the Friday fish fry and live polka at the Lakefront Brewery.

  3. Photo courtesy Wicked Weed Brewing

    Asheville, North Carolina

    It鈥檚 the unofficial brewing capitol of the South, and Wicked Weed Brewing is known for hoppy, barrel-aged and wild ales that can make even the most hardened beer geek salivate. Asheville Brewing Company offers inventive recipes, and Oyster House Brewing Company has great seafood that will make you forget you鈥檙e in the mountains.

  4. Photo by Josh Partee

    Portland, Oregon

    The state has more than 230 breweries, with more than 90 operating in the PDX metro area, meaning there鈥檚 a brewery for every whim and palate. Visit Hair of the Dog Brewing Company for unusual goodies, Cascade Brewing Barrel House for fruited beers, The Commons Brewery for more traditional European-style options, and tiny Gigantic Brewing Company for collaborations and one-offs.

  5. Hops & Grain / Photo by Annie Ray

    Austin, Texas

    Hops & Grain opens daily at 8:00 a.m. for coffee, but if you politely ask, staff will pour beer samples. Visit Adelbert鈥檚 Brewery for Belgian-inspired brews, Black Star Co-Op Pub and Brewery for dinner and Austin Beerworks, the largest craft brewer in the city. Jester King Brewery, on a sprawling ranch along the city line, serves some of the country鈥檚 finest farmhouse and wild ales.

  6. Photo courtesy Rip Current Brewing

    San Diego, California

    A hop-lovers paradise. Bursting with breweries, Southern California brings the bitter and aromatic. Stalwarts like Karl Strauss Brewing Company, The Lost Abbey and AleSmith Brewery should be on every bucket list. Newcomers, like the diverse offerings from Societe Brewing Company and award-winning Rip Current Brewing, leave little time for the beach, and that鈥檚 O.K.

  7. Photo courtesy Horse & Dragon Brewing Company

    Fort Collins, Colorado

    Rent a bike and visit recognized breweries like New Belgium and Odell, along with Funkwerks, Horse & Dragon Brewing Company and 1933 Brewing Company. Dinner at Choice City Butcher & Deli offers Western cuisine with sensible flair, plus a great tap list.

Published on January 12, 2016
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